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Getting Started with Paths

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Getting Started with Paths Empty Getting Started with Paths

Post  Jared T Tue Jan 11, 2011 3:52 pm

The Paths represent the core of the character mechanics. It cannot be unlearned, and yet it gives most players the bulk of their skills. A player needs a solid base to build off from, but the Paths themselves can be fairly mailable. Players who choose the same Path share the same abilities, yet emphasizing certain skills over others (as in locks and traps vs. damage in Rogue) allow the players to distinguish between each other with distinct character types. Skills can have varied interpretations while still holding true to the same mechanics. So the Path a character takes is only limited by the players interpretation. Stories, interesting ways to view a path, unconventional ways to interpret a skill, and unique character concepts (based around a path, of course) are all acceptable to post here. Of course, any information on the Path found through written or verbal means can and should be posted here as well.

This forum is to collect thoughts and ideas on unique and interesting ways to interpret existing paths. This is not a place to voice opinions on the mechanics of the skills present within a path or to create new paths.

The lore submitted can fall into one of three categories.

The first is lore that is found written down (like the Core Rule book or a Research Form), on the internet (like a forum or posted document), or in other media. Only information that can be referenced should be included in this category.

The second category is lore that has been received through verbal means. This is information that has been given to players through conversation, role-play, or other means with no physical record. If possible, please include the source, event, or time that the information was acquired, even if it is just 'some random NPC'.

The third is user created lore. This is information and ideas created for Final Haven by the players and not introduced through 'official' means. (i.e. a GM or NPC)

Please preface a topic title with the type of information followed by the name of the path in brackets. If a particular skill is being referenced, include it in the topic title.

If any discussion is needed, please limit it to this particular topic. The rest of this section is for submissions only.

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