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Getting Started with the Introductions

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Getting Started with the Introductions Empty Getting Started with the Introductions

Post  Jared T Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:50 pm

Introduction to LARP
This section is for information describing what a LARP is and anything pertaining to generic LARP information. Knowledge that beginning players do not know, or may not understand about LARPing in general, works well for this section. Terminology, fiction vs. reality, in-character vs. out-of-character, combat, genre, and style are all appropriate topics to cover.

Introduction to Final Haven
Coarse setting information (including introduction of the concept of a 'survival' LARP) along with a very brief description of Phanterra and her history are appropriate here. Final Haven tenets and general but important rules are also relevant. A brief explanation of the differences between GM's, NPC's, and PC's would be helpful as well as any distinguishing characteristics of Final Haven from other popular LARP's.

Introduction to Character Development
In order to get a good handle on a character, it is good to understand who the character is. Knowing the characters motivation, moods, hobbies, quirks, beliefs, ideals, hatreds, loves, professions, superstitions, family, and opinions can lead to a better understanding of the character. This section should give an individual suggestions and hints on how to make a character with plenty of questions to lead them down a path they may not have been able to find on their own.

If any information submitted here is found published somewhere else, please add the appropriate information as well. Any discussions or questions about the preceding material should be posted in this thread.

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