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Getting Started with Phys Reps

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Getting Started with Phys Reps Empty Getting Started with Phys Reps

Post  Jared T Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:58 am

Physical Representations, or Phys Reps, are a nessesity of LARPing. They are stand-in's for items that are, for one reason or another, unsafe or generally difficult to represent. This can range from weaponry (usually refered to as a Boffer weapons) to spell packets. From garb to buildings.

That brings us to this: a section devoted to the creation of Phys Reps. How-to guides, ideas for materials, youtube videos, reference materials, sewing patterns, and as much information that can be brought into one place. This is a special section, in that it will leak over into the forums when videos and specific stores are mentioned (as publishing them in a book would not work to well).

If any discussion is needed, please limit it to this particular topic. The rest of this section is for submissions only.

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