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[Written] CARPS Racial Background

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[Written] CARPS Racial Background Empty [Written] CARPS Racial Background

Post  Jared T Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:13 pm

This information was gathered from the CARPS rulebook.

Accesses: Major Air, Minor Water, Minor Fire
Primary skills: Astrology, Sleep Strike
Secondary skills: Search, Disguise
Best at: Being ooky, acting introspective and goth, appearing and disappearing

Costuming for a Valken’Vi:
  • Color your skin white
  • Paint striking patterns on top of the white
  • Wear big swooping cloaks
"I sit and watch the animals, so full in spirit but so low in wits. They are too quick to act, most of them, and few seem trustworthy, but it is too soon to tell. Patience is the key. I shall wait."
—Trellis, Valken'Vi

The number of Valken'Vi have always been low compared to the other races, and over the last few years their numbers have greatly plummeted. A group of seven Valken'Vi are spoken about in hushed words; having called most of their brethren back to the great city of Gateway. Late in the fall, a large number of Valken'Vi were seen returning to the city that they control, and though many people say a large number enter the city few have seen any who entered leave. If any of the Valken'Vi who remain outside of Gateway know where their brethren have gone they, like normal, are not talking.

The one exception to this great migration was in western Silverthorn. It seems that a large number of new Valken'Vi have appeared, and no one knows where they have come from. Most of these new Valken'Vi seem to have only a limited understanding of life in Silverthorn, and a limited memory of their lives beyond a few months ago. Their voice, a Valken'Vi who calls himself One, will only say that they are refugees from a far-away land.

Valken'Vi could almost pass as human if they wanted. They have very pale skin, but otherwise look human. This is probably the reason why they paint their faces, usually in harlequin-like patterns. They never use more than two colors, preferring pale and neutral colors. PC Valken'Vi must use appropriate face paint, if only to make their skin look pale. Although Valken'Vi are on generally good terms with Humans, they would find it offensive to be mistaken as one, unless, of course, they were trying to purposefully pass themselves off as one. Doing so is a clear sign of being an outcast from the Valken'Vi society.

Valken'Vi are often viewed as being loners. They have few people whom they can truly call friends, simply because they ask few questions. They don't get to know people in this manner. They learn more from their observations than by spoken words. They enjoy being alone, but will go along with groups when it suits their interests. Speaking up and sharing their views with others is rare.

Their history is shorter than the previous races, if you start when there was a group large enough and similar enough to call their own race. Truthfully, it is not exactly known where they came from. It seems as though they simply appeared out of nowhere, but that can be blamed on their demeanor, as well as the demeanor of others who simply do not notice them. Valken'Vi were around as early as the first Great War. Since those early times, Elves—who had been training in the art of silent killing—were impressed by the Valken'Vi, who would one day perfect the art. They are the most fit to be assassins. It is said that a Valken'Vi was the only thing that could put an end to the second Great War, which was on an even bigger scale than the first.

"They're not very talkative ones, but I like them well enough. You can't help but admire their wits. They could slice your throat in a crowded room and no one would ever know who did it."
—Gregory, Human

The wary man is the safe man. This strategy is also helpful in battle, or at least they think so. Kill someone before they have a chance to fight back, before they know you're there. Valken'Vi are probably the most cunning of all of the races. They tend to prefer small, easily concealed weapons or bows. The quickness and swiftness of an arrow exhilarates them. Perhaps they can imagine themselves flying freely through the air striking the heart of their victim. Silently. Silent like themselves.

"I would be very careful about trusting a Valken'Vi. You can see it in their eyes, always planning something. And then they‟re quiet. It's as if they have all the answers and won't share them. Very suspicious. I knew one, once, and he seemed very shady. I thought that he would soon steal what I had rightly thieved, but I outsmarted him in the end."
— Elthanar, Avyana, sometime before his much too early death

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