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[Written] CARPS Racial Background

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[Written] CARPS Racial Background Empty [Written] CARPS Racial Background

Post  Jared T Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:28 pm

This information was gathered from the CARPS rulebook.

Accesses: Major Air, Major Fire
Primary skills: Any weapon Skill, Sidestep
Secondary skills: Sprint, Resist Pain
Best at: Thievery, swordplay, assassination, "strategic retreat"

Avyana are a bird-like race. They have angular eyebrows and blue around their eyes. Their hair grows straight back as feathers do.
Costuming for an Avyana:
  • Wear feathers in your hair (or wear a hat)
  • Make blue circles around your eyes (blue eye shadow works well)
  • Draw an "X" on your forehead (eyeliner or cream makeup)
  • Wear a beak (if possible)

About Avyana:

They don't look mean…Shifty, more like. Sneaky. Lookin' for opportunities to do whatever it is they do Tap one on the shoulder an' he jumps a mile.
-Grigorr, Human farmer

Avyana are hatched from large eggs. The mother takes care of the young, and few Avyana ever know who their father is. Young males are called "deacles", and young females, who commonly are named after their mother, are called "hutchen". All of the Avyana live within the confines of one great and sprawling city, Lethnal, under the ruthless King Rederick. He believes that all of his subjects exist to fill his coffers with gold and his palace with treasures of all sorts. Consequently, the King and his associates, pampered and spoiled, tax their subjects heavily. Common Avyana have little to call their own and many live in fear of not being able to pay the tax man. Those who are unhappy with this arrangement can not leave of their own free will. The laws—which are strictly enforced—state that all Avyana must stay within the city gates. (Those wishing to play an Avyana must paint an X on their foreheads because exile is the only way out of the city. The King‘s men brand or mark exiles with an X.)

“Have the young ones walking first, day after that they pinch a purse.”
—Avyana proverb

Avyana are often accomplished thieves, partly by nature and partly by necessity.Impoverished Avyana parents teach their children at a young age to steal to help support themselves. The King‘s numerous storehouses and agents are preferred targets, but particularly bad times make them less choosy. Successful thievery also shows cleverness, skill, and the ability to ― "get the King where it hurts" —all great sources of pride for Avyana. Of course, these habits are hard to break and aren't appreciated nearly as much outside of Lethnal…

Avyana are naturally skilled at the arts of combat, but their King has forbidden all but his personal guard to own weapons or train in their use. An armed populace would surely overthrow him. As such, many crave this forbidden knowledge and a few learn it in secret. Despite all this, they prefer to avoid combat when possible. They are normally masters at sneaking up on an enemy and rendering them unconscious. Should this fail, they count on their legs to get them out of trouble. This makes outsiders think that they are cowards, but those who corner an Avyana expecting him to give up without a fight soon learn their thinking was incorrect.

They like to keep their deadly prowess low-key. In battle, they assess the situation very quickly and take the course of action that will keep them the safest. A chance for great personal profit, however, always colors their judgment. They know when to run and when to fight. If they can take an enemy out quickly and with relatively little danger to themselves, they will not hesitate to do so.

"You can never run too fast from an enemy, or too far from a victim."
—Elthanar, Avyan

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