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[Written] CARPS Racial Background

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[Written] CARPS Racial Background Empty [Written] CARPS Racial Background

Post  Jared T Mon Jul 25, 2011 2:56 pm

This information was gathered from the CARPS rulebook.

Accesses: Specialty in two elements, minor in the other two
Primary skills: None
Best at: Not best at any one thing, but can do just about whatever they please

This new creature took Phantara by storm, spreading quickly to the four corners of the world. Not only populating every city, but building new ones, bigger and better than anything that had existed before. They would call themselves Human and wear that label with pride. They believed that there was nothing they couldn't do, from architecture to singing or from swordsmanship to magic. They were attracted to each other and had an amazing sexual drive. They prospered in the harsh land better than any race before them and strove to make their lives easier. And so it was that Humans would account for most of the population of the world. There was nothing that anyone could do about it.

The problem with Humans is that they think that they're better than everyone else. They go parading around town as if they deserve the attention of all the townsmen. They are certainly useful in some regards, but I personally believe that they should stay out of the magical arts and leave it to those who will not be corrupted by its power.
-Grailen, Elven mage

Drawing from all four of the elements, Humans are very diverse. They find work in a variety of fields, often excelling in several. Humans are superior to the other races in the sense that there are really no limits to what they can do. Although Orcs may be stronger in body, they could never compete with the Human mind.

It's not that I think that I'm better than everyone else; it's that I know I am.
-Jonathan Smith, Human Gladiator

The arrogant ways of the Humans could be mistaken for cockiness. They have a great insight for others‘ shortcomings, though they often miss their own. Humans tend to have little patience when it comes to dealing with Ga‘Vins and even less to none at all when it comes to dealing with Orcs. It's the great green skin prejudice phenomenon.

I was a little sick today. No, I was a lot sick today. I saw my reflection in a nearby pond. My face was a tint of green. I got so enraged I almost beat myself up, but I suppose I was just delirious.
-From the journal of Burk the Almighty (Human)

Humans are social animals who prefer the company of their own kind. Of the other races, they treat Valken‘Vi the best, being the closest in appearance to Humans. Difference is often looked upon as bad. When dealing with the unknown, they are often quick to judge. It takes a while to gain the trust of a Human if you yourself are not one. Their downfall, perhaps, is that they hold too much faith in the "Humans are good, others are bad" type attitude. More often than not it is a Human who does the back stabbing while the Orc, who could have been a friend, just looks on and smiles.

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