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[Written] CARPS Racial Background

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[Written] CARPS Racial Background Empty [Written] CARPS Racial Background

Post  Jared T Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:08 pm

This information was gathered from the CARPS rulebook.

Accesses: Major Fire, Major Earth
Primary skills: Strength, Toughness
Secondary skills: Melee weapon Skill, Resist Pain
Best at: Bashin‘, Ruttin‘, Makin‘ Mess, Hittin‘ Stuff, Eatin‘
Size: Large sized (but still runts)

Costuming for an Orc:
  • Color your skin green
  • Wear animalistic clothes (skins, pelts) or old, tattered clothes with your armor
  • Be dirty and look like a slob
  • Tusks and horns are fun, but not required.
Note: All PC orcs are technically runts. They were forced to leave the orcish lands lest they breed and make for more puny orcs)

Orcs believe that strength is all you need to be successful. Might makes right. If you're stronger than all of your opponents, you're going to win. For this and several other reasons, (smelling bad for one) other races tend not to get along with Orcs. This is fine by them because they tend not to like anyone either. They have no sense of honor, but are likely to repay kindness with kindness. It should be noted that their idea of kindness may be nothing more than a decision not to give you too hard of a time.

Most orcs are straight-up warriors. Some who are less Skilled in combat choose to become shamans, alchemists, or healers, who then pledge their services to a warrior in exchange for protection. They love a fight more than any other race in existence, and they are very Skilled with weapons. It is very common to see them fighting in an army because that‘s how they prefer to make a living. Orcs often have civil wars, great battles that lasted for many months. Killing Orcs is difficult work, even if you are one.

If I plug my nose and look past it instead of at it, then I can stand to be around one for a short while.
-Gregory, Human

Orcs produce only that which will help them fight—armor, weapons, and so on. Not one exists who wouldn't drop everything if there was a battle approaching because war is what they like best. That is, besides their notorious orcish hobbies: rutting and orcball. Orcball resembles soccer played with a victim‘s head rather than a ball. Since their rough play tends to destroy the head, the game often pauses so a new head can be found. For this reason, it is profoundly unwise to be a spectator at an orcball match. As for rutting, it is best not discussed in polite company.

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