[written] The Age of of Myth

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[written] The Age of of Myth

Post  Christen M. on Thu May 12, 2011 1:01 pm

The elves are an ancient people, descendants of the mighty An’Dar and the Ancient Fae. Long ago, the An’Dar and the An’Dar’vi warred bitterly, almost unto the destruction of the whole world. But, out of that chaos and bloodshed, during those ages lost to time and memory, a new folk were seen upon the face of Phantara, the elves. Since then they have seen ages come and go, civilizations rise and fall. They have outlived both of their ancestors, and seen the birth of new folk.

The Age of Myth:

Earliest age of Elven memory, the Age of Myth was a time of chaos. The elves were not the only new folk to walk the land, nor were they the only to begin to develop their own culture. However, at this stage in their own history, they had little thought for any beyond themselves. They struggled to define their own destiny, decide what their place in the world would be, and how they would define themselves. The An’Dar and the Ancient Faery, as well as the Dragons, yet roamed the land, and they were the true might of Phantara. The elves, curious and drawn to the magic and power of those ancient folk, sought to learn all that they could from those more mighty than themselves, and learn they did. The elves were like children, soaking up all the greatest aspects of the mighty and making them their own. It was during the end of this age that they began the first of their cities, coming together as a community for the first time.
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