[written] The Age of Mystery

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[written] The Age of Mystery

Post  Christen M. on Thu May 12, 2011 1:05 pm

The Age of Mystery:

Out of the death and destruction that was the end of the Age of Ancients, which concluded upon the Splitting of the One Magic, the elves emerged as the dominant and most powerful force upon the face of the realm. Their great Kingdoms they built anew, grander, more beautiful, and stronger. One kingdom became many, and soon they were a mighty empire. They expanded their territories to seemingly span the wholeness of the land, and Phantara was their garden. They saw themselves as the rightful and true guardians of the realm, and of the people therein. Mostly, the other folk kept to themselves. However, as the millennia passed, attitudes among the elves and the other folk began to change. Dark mutterings began in some circles that it was the right of the elves to rule over all other folk, as the only true children of the An’Dar and the Ancient Fae. Others believed that each race should be free to determine their own path.

Centuries passed, and what had been a simple academic debate became something more, something heated. The issue of elven supremacy became a polarizing one, and the people began to splinter. At first, it was only debate. Then, open aggressions escalated. Those for supremacy met in secret and formed a force of their own bent on seizing the elven throne. They believed that the monarchy was soft and did not represent the true potential and might of the elven people. A few became many, and many became a force that could not be ignored. Eventually… open war broke out among the elves.

Thus began what the elves call the Kinslayer War. The war touched every corner of the Elven Empire, and many great and beautiful centers of lore and magic were burned to the ground. Blood ran in the streets, and there was destruction on a scale not seen since the time of the splitting. It was during this time that a large population of the elves, believing that their alienation from nature and a more simple existence had led them to this end, left the cities and vanished into the unsettled woodlands. These folk later became the Wood Elves. Still, the others made war upon one another, and there was chaos again upon the face of the lands.

At long last, those who believed that each folk should have domain over their own destinies turned to the Dwarves, who in those days had been close kin to the elves. The Dwarves were mountain folk descended of the An’Dar and the Dragons, but were friendly to their cousins. They were shocked and appalled at the death and destruction their seemingly reasoning cousins had wrought, and to end the bloodshed that was spilling over into the other peoples of Phantara, agreed to intervene. After several more long and bitter years, the war was ended, and the supremacists bound. It was what the elves did to their kin next that turned the Dwarves from their friendship evermore.

Seeing that enough blood had been spilled, the elves devised a way to magically punish their aggressive and war-like fellows. Great caverns were brought into being deep underground, and into those caverns were sealed the supremacists. They were enspelled to sleep, to dream, and learn the error of their ways. Such was the spell craft that should the rebel elf repent, they would be released from the spell, free to make their way to the surface one more. The Dwarves found this use of magic repugnant, and swore off both the elves and any use of magic, which had brought the once great people so low as to slay their own kind over power. Never more would the elves and dwarves sit as brothers, as they had long before.

So were the elves sundered into the three kindreds, never more to be the great nation they had been at the height of their Empire. Much that had been beautiful was lost, and they began to desert some of their cities, no longer having the population to people them. They dwindled as they attempted to rebuild, and the other peoples of Phantara began to grow in their own right, though none so much as a new race… the hum’An’Dar, or humans.

Humans appeared last upon the face of Phantara, an anomaly of creation for which not even the elves have an explanation. Out of nowhere, a human child could be born of two elven parents, or of Guthrie, or Dwarf. These freaks of creation banded together, and thus began the rise of the Age of Humans… at the twilight of the elves.

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