[written] Silv’An’Dar

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[written] Silv’An’Dar

Post  Christen M. on Sun May 08, 2011 9:41 pm


The capital city of the Elven people is known as Silv’An’Dar, it is the city in which King Anwyn was born and raised and where he has decided to maintain his court. The city itself is located deep within the temperate rainforest north of Vaunephasauk and south of Susspin. There are known to be at least two other Elven cities in the Silverthorn region, but their precise locations have not been revealed by the Elves to the other races. These cities are Cor’An’Dar and Vale’An’Dar.

The city itself is located on a vast island between the arms of the Silver River, but to get that far if one is not an elf is a feat indeed. Before one may even reach the island, there is the Deaming Wood to face. It is the great forest of ancient trees, which are said to have been tended by the hands of the elves for millennia to protect them from those who might wish to steal into their island fastness. This wood is said to be laden with strong enchantments which, if one is neither an elf, nor knows the proper and secret paths, will lead the unwary traveler deep into a labyrinth from which there seems no end. At last the trespasser falls into a dreaming sleep, and is often heard from no more. There are accounts of folk waking and emerging from that wood months, years, even decades later with no recollection of why they went into the wood in the first place, nor even of who they are or in what time.

Beyond the wood are the Lehannon Fields. Beautiful rolling fields of emerald dotted here and there with flowers of such beauty, and peril as well. To even brush one of these unspeakably lovely flowers is death, for they are poison to any and all shorter-lived races much like the fabled Witch Wood. Thus, those very few who pass the Dreaming Wood rarely also survive the Lehannon Fields.

Lastly is the final defense of the city, and its greatest. Should one manage to pass both wood and field, if they know not where to look on the island shore, nor what arcane words to speak, they will see naught but an empty island, uninhabited by life of any kind. This is because, without the proper words and lore, any who venture onto the island are not on the Island of Silv’An’Dar at all, but rather a magically created pocket dimension of the exact same size. Only to those who know the rites of entrance is the actual City Gate revealed that they might gain entry into the splendor of the seat of Elven power on Phantara.
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