[written] The Age of Ancients

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[written] The Age of Ancients

Post  Christen M. on Thu May 12, 2011 1:03 pm

The Age of Ancients:

The elves learned… and learned well of their ancestors. They grew strong and wise, beautiful and populous. Great cities they founded, and then a Kingdom to call their own. From the logical and philosophical An’Dar they learned the art of reasoning, and how to see beyond the obvious into the deeper meanings behind things. Of the Fae, they learned a mastery of magic, and a love of all things artistic and beautiful. Their cities grew, as did their might and wealth, and soon they were growing into a force nearing the might of their fore bearers, whose time was coming to an end of slow decline. The elves drank in all there was to know and do, delved into the secrets of magic and delighted in their sense of racial pride. They grew in beauty, and in their sense of mastery over the mysteries of life and death. In those ancient days, now long lost, they became a people in truth, and a force of might in their own right.

In these days, the elves grew of magical might most, creating some of the most powerful artifacts and spells that the world has ever known. They crafted magical portal gates, that they might expand their influence and learn what there was of other realms, other planes of existence. They peopled other places, and brought back lore and magic from places strange and exotic. Allies also they made, from whom they learned much, and gained more.
One such people were the Valkin. Mighty beings of light and magic, the Valkin sought the aid of the elves. Seeing benefit to themselves, the elves gave their aid. With their powerful magics, they forced the light essences of the lesser Valkin, the Valkin’vi, into physical forms. This made a perfect labor pool for the Valkin, and also for the Elves. They learned that this new people, many of whom remained in Phantara, were powerful diviners, for they saw beyond the veil of Phantara, being not of it. So too, they were masters of weather magics, and it was to this end most that the elves applied this new people. The Valkin’vi, longer lived than most, though not so much as the elves, accepted their fate with silence, for slavery was their fate in either realm. After many millennia, however, the elves grew more enlightened and saw that it was not right to keep a sentient race as slaves. They retained a great fondness for the Valkin’vi, who painted their faces black and white to distinguish themselves, as their essences had originally been forced into whatever body was handy, and gave them their freedom.

Centuries passed for them like the flow of a river, and before over long they were the might of the world. The Ancient Fae, sensing that Phantara was no longer a place for them, and sensing an impending doom, quit the realm and sought other planes to make a home. The An’Dar were in decline, for the ancient wars with the An’Dar’vi had all but decimated their already small populations. The Dragons had retreated into their mountain fastnesses, knowing that a darkness was drawing near, and a doom with it. It would be a new threat, however, that would spell an end to the ancient races, and the true ascension of the Elves into Empire.

It was during the closing decades of the Age of Ancients that an imbalance occurred in the forces of magic. For whatever reason, Chaos became a mighty force, so mighty that it took on a physical and malicious incarnation. Wars broke out everywhere, and there was death on an untold scale. The world was broken asunder and remade, for Chaos was mighty and there seemed no way of restoring balance against so formidable a force. In the end, it was the An’Dar who devised a solution, though they knew that it would result in their extinction. They would break apart the one magic from which Chaos drew its power into the four elements of life; Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. It was during this time that the Dragons vanished from record, for they too were of the one magic, and its sundering would mean their death.

So it came to pass that the one magic became four, and there were also the magical forces of Chaos, Order, Necromancy, and Essence. The most ancient of races were no more, and only the Elves remained of the mighty to rule over the face of Phantara. Though the lands had been changed forever, the elves would rebuild… and be even mightier than before.
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