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[Suggested] The Bounty Hunter

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[Suggested] The Bounty Hunter Empty [Suggested] The Bounty Hunter

Post  Kiel Reid Sun May 22, 2011 8:13 pm

The Bounty Hunter is the master of finding a target and bringing them back alive. The key to being a great bounty hunter is to be able to find the mark. Here are the skills that would be purchased to achieve the effect.

- Research
- Necropsy
- Critical strike
- Knockout
- First Aid
- Sense Magic
- Spot

- Greater Sense Magic
- Knockout
- Sure Footed
- Create/Disarm Trap
- Barter

This set of abilities is more oriented towards information gathering as opposed to actually bringing the target down. Spot, Sense Magic, Necropsy, Research and Greater Sense Magic are used to find your mark. Barter is used to buy additional info or extra help for the take down. Create trap is when you have the opportunity to lure the mark into an area of your choosing. Knockout is used to take an enemy down when you can't lure your enemy and have to get the jump on them. Critical strike is for when you need to take them down by force and First Aid is to make sure they don't bleed out so you can collect your pay because they are always worth more alive. Sure Footed is so that nothing slows you down in your pursuit.

The best discipline to add to this is going to be Druid because it holds 2 very important skills...Scout and Magic Root. But you should only take it up to 3rd level. Your remaining points would be best invested into Interrogator Which will give you Inescapable Bonds to make sure they don't get away, Mind Games so you can Taunt enemies and avoid the Taunt of a marks possible accomplices, and Interrogation so you can find out the info you need from the marks companions. You have to be level 32 before you get the Interrogate but it's honestly just icing on the cake.

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