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[Undead Hunter] Roleplaying Archtypes

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[Undead Hunter] Roleplaying Archtypes Empty [Undead Hunter] Roleplaying Archtypes

Post  Kiel Reid Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:49 am

- The power of life flows through you.Your presence alone can make the undead flee. You can channel your life force into any weapon you hold, allowing it to tear through their necrotic bodies. If you truly concentrate you can unleash a blast that will fell all but the most powerful undead. Blunt weapons just feel natural in your hands, you swing them effortlessly and with ease.

- It's science really. They have weaknesses like everything else. Hammers and Axes work best on them so of course that is a natural choice. Strongly worded phrases in ancient languages can terrify them. When you fight them you just take a look for the spot thats rotting the most and BAM! Instant Destruction.

- You hate them and that hatred gives you power. Just the thought of them makes you swing harder and faster, your anger allows you to bypass their mystical defenses. Hammers and axes are the weapon of choice because it destroys them completely. When you unleash your battle cry they run in terror. You can focus your rage into one fell swing that can destroy them instantly.

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