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Post  Kiel Reid Sat May 21, 2011 11:37 am

Hold your hand above your head, count, and throw. Empath are usually just thought of as magical cannons who help bring people back to life sometimes. But how you are able to use these abilities help define your charcter.

- You can manifest your emotions as magic. Anger tends to have devestating effects

- You can charge items with magical power. When they touch anything else they explode with arcane power. (Lol Gambit)

- You are not a true magician but have a pair of magical tatoo's that allow you to focus latent magic into powerful blasts.

- When your magical channel hits an opponent it cause their old wounds to re-open.

- You have the ability to transform your words into power. By speaking an incantation you can focus the power of magic into destructive forces.

How does your channel work?

Kiel Reid

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