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[Suggested] Knockout

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[Suggested] Knockout Empty [Suggested] Knockout

Post  Kiel Reid Sat May 21, 2011 11:54 am

Knockout is a skill that seems very streight forward. Find the weak spot, target falls asleep. Once again this is an opportunity to show it can be so much more.

- While others prefer subtle manuevers you prefer brute strength. Hit someone hard enough in the face and they will fall asleep.

- While others prefer brute strength you go with the subtle approach. By striking their most vital area's like the back of the head the target doesn't stand a chance.

- You slather your dagger or hand in Suku Root which you have built up an immunity to but will put others to sleep. The more you apply the better chance it will effect your target.

- By lightly tapping and twisting your opponents nerves in certain area you can cause them to fall unconcious.

- You can channel the pain you have felt through out your life into a touch. The pain can cause others to pass out.

- You can strike a person in their essence directly, forcing it into the dreaming. This causes the target to fall asleep until they can make their way back.

How does your KO work?

Kiel Reid

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