[Suggested] The Tragedy of Theon Quickblade

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[Suggested] The Tragedy of Theon Quickblade

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:32 pm

The Tragedy of Theon Quickblade

In a time not so long ago there was a man of great renown
His name was Theon Quickblade for he had he fastest sword in town
Theon was loved by many for his humor and great skills
Feared by all of his enemies because of the graves he filled

In the caves of death he fought to save his friends from the shadow
One by one they kept on falling screaming as they fell in battle
Theon cut down his foes and carried allies he saw that the exit was near
They were but one step away when he saw the wraith appear

Its voice bellowed through the cave as its shadowed body blocked the way
“In order to leave this place” it cackled “a sacrifice must be made”
The others tried to bargain, offering coin and other treasures to the wraith
Theon offered his servitude with no hesitation and much haste

The dark monster moved aside allowing the others leave in peace
When Theon approached the portal the wraith smiled showing its teeth
“Go forth my servant and await my call. You will hear it on the first full moon.
Forget the mortal life you once had. You are now my harbinger of doom”

The first full moon approached he heard the wraiths dreaded call
“Bring me the essence of the dead my harbinger, but by your hand they must fall”
Theon battled the wraiths command. He would not obey without a fight
He had only slain the guilty and evil on that first fateful night

Each full moon Theon battled the wraith each battle growing harder
No one came to the aid of this now forgotten martyr
That night he went to help those people he truly did mean well
Unfortunately that was the fateful night Theon Quickblade fell

When the wraith called he tried to fight but his will was spent and more
Its spirit over came him, drew his weapons, and two heads then rolled to the floor
The begged and they pleaded for Theon to stop as they ran out their homes fleeing
It paid them no heed as it cut through them all deaf to their crying and screaming

When Theon came to he was surrounded by their bodies, blade in his hand
He looked around and saw the dead their corpses lying upon the land
Theon moved to leave so that no others would fall to harm
That it is when the darkness fell upon the fateful farm

The dead demanded vengeance and summoned a great monster to appear
It terrorized the countryside spreading death, destruction, and fear
Theon ran to the beast and threw his weapons to the ground
He called out to the creatures as the others stood there not making a sound

“I’m the one you want!” he yelled as the beast turned its eye
“I’m the one who killed those people, I caused them to die”
Those gathered there stood there stunned not knowing what to do
They could not believe in their wildest dream the words Theon spoke were true

“I accept your judgment willingly and I’m ready to pay the price.”
The dark beast stared at Theon Quickblade, with a look as cold as ice
The shadows from the creature surrounded him the last thing seen was his face
A look of calm and acceptance as he fell into the dark embrace

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