[Suggested] Slick

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[Suggested] Slick

Post  Kiel Reid on Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:55 am

Most of the time we see this skill we take it at what it's literally called, "Slick". But what it does is impeeds movement and we can represent that in many ways.

- You cause the targets legs to be entranced by vines, hindering their movement until the vines shrivel up and die.
- You cover the targets feet in slime, making them slip and slide around hindering their movement.
- You make the targets feet touch turn into mud for a few short seconds.
- You can cause the targets boot/shoe laces to tie together.
- You can cause the target to feel intense amounts of pain in the targets feet which causes them to move slowly.
- You can give the target a compulsion that makes them walk heel-to-toe.

Please add ideas below. Thanks!

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