[Suggested] Curse

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[Suggested] Curse

Post  Kiel Reid on Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:40 am

Curse is one of the few abilities in the FH system that does not require you to be near the target in order to effect them. It's uses also vary in regards to what they mechanicaly do to your target. However this can become more than a spell that you simply run up to a GM and let them know you are casting.

- The Wizard has created a small voodoo doll of the target. When the ritual is complete the wizard stabs/burns/crushes the doll, causing great discomfort to the target.
- The Wizard is able to dicern part of the targets true name and uses it to cause the target terrible misfortune.
- The Wizard can summon an other worldly creature that cannot be seen or effected by mortals. The wizard then sends the creature out to make the targets life miserable.
- The Wizard can cause their magic to instill a great amount of guilt or sadness upon the target. The feelings are so overwhelming that they effect the targets every action.
- This Wizard could cause a great amount of pain to themselves and transfer it to a target. The Wizard then uses a focus to amplify it causing the target to be effected over a longer period of time.

Please feel free to add to the list!

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