Final Haven Players Book Project
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Introduction to the Project

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Introduction to the Project Empty Introduction to the Project

Post  Jared T Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:19 pm

The Project
The goal is to create a more robust players book while clarifying terminology, creating new content, and standardizing mechanics. This forum is for the creation of new content (NOT mechanics) to be placed in the player's guide. The additional content will help flesh out much of the current content with additional examples, ideas, and new stories.

What I Need From You, The Players...
Submissions! Content! Ideas! To live up to its full potential, this project will need as many people from the community participating as possible. This forum is for brainstorming; for voicing off-the-wall unique ideas that would normally be buried. Any scrap of information, any bit of information can be potentially ground-breaking in its ability to benefit the game.
Each section within the forum represents a different area of the player's guide, or at least close enough for what matters here. The sections should describe the type of material we are trying to collect. Submit to the best of your ability, and if you have questions, please ask.

This project is the beginning of a turning point in Final Haven's history. Come and be a part of history!

Please Read This Before Posting...
Prefacing each section, there is a brief explanation of what is expected. This should be thought of as a guideline, not an outline. These should point ideas in a general direction but it should not limit the ideas put forth. If an idea is radical or incredibly unique please include it! But it might be helpful if an explanation accompanied the post to help describe why the thought works so well in the specified section.

All material submitted becomes the sole property of Final Haven. This includes, but is not limited to, posts, text, information, stories, and any other form of works submitted through this forum. Final Haven reserves the right to use these works in any way. This helps prevent players from trying to 'correct' another player with information that is invalid or non-existent.

We ask that users please sign up with their actual names to help facilitate in crediting the correct person as well as allowing us to communicate better. This forum is for development and creation of the Final Haven world, not to play in and real names help facilitate a more professional tone.

Comments or constructive criticisms are appropriate. No negative or useless comments! If posting in someone else thread, please try to follow the authors original intent rather than posting your own ideas. Posting in someone else’s thread should be to help the author develop and hone his ideas, not your own. If you have different ideas, create a new post to voice them.

If a user is found posting negative or useless comments, the posts will be deleted and the user warned. If the user continues to post negative or useless comments, the user will be banned.

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