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[Suggested] Weather Phenomenon after the Cataclysm

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[Suggested] Weather Phenomenon after the Cataclysm Empty [Suggested] Weather Phenomenon after the Cataclysm

Post  Jared T Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:46 pm

In the decade since the Joining, the repercussions have been felt in the lands and people of Phanterra. But these were not the only things viciously transmogrified. The most mundane of things have felt the change as well, few with such consequences as the weather. Already capable of destruction on a massive scale, the weather can also bring life back to the lands. Now, after the Joining, it can be much stronger.

As the weather gets colder, normal water sources begin to freeze over making it difficult if not impossible to gather water. Usually in these times, snow is melted and this is used for the main water source for most creatures. As the snow begins to fall from the sky, it is blown back up in the air mixing with high concentrations of Essence. As the snow continues to fall, it is continually blown back into the air until it is heavy enough to fall to the ground. Through a reaction with the Essence that is not well understood (even after intense study by the small Avyanan group that discovered the phenomenon) the snow takes on a few new properties.

One such property is the weight of the snow. The snow actually becomes slightly heavier than normal. Once this has happened, it takes on another more sinister property; the water no longer quenches. Similar to certain gases that seem like air but are not, this snow seems like water but is not. It does not harm an individual, but rather provides no healthful benefits even as it slakes the thirst.

Dehydration sets in quickly and, as it is nearly indistinguishable from normal water, it can wipe out large amounts of animals in just a few days. This usually leads to large die offs from crazed animals and a suddenly violent populace which die quickly in a very unfortunate manner. Vegetation does not seem to be affected as much due to the seasonal nature of this phenomenon but the effects are merely delayed. The heavy water does not disappear but rather it stays around long enough to kill youger growths in the spring time while making older plants, like trees, sick. This tends to affect the new growth of the plants killing any seeds, buds, or edibles produced. The land is unlivable for at least a year before a large enough amount of normal water dilutes it or washes the heavy water away.

"Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink."

Essence Storms
Empaths generally are found enjoying the rain during an Essence Storm. They are similar to normal thunderstorm in most ways but one; the lack of thunder. Lightning still occurs, but there is no sound that would normally accompany it. Empaths find that while within an Essence storm, their powers are greatly increased. The concentration of Essence in the storm allows them to pull more ambient Essence out of the air than usual, but it has its side effects. As there is no focus and the concentration is much higher, it tends to harm anyone attempting to channel, where or not they attempt to exceed their normal capabilities.

The Valkyn'Vi love these storm as well. They use a different name (mostly in jest): Down portents. The concentration of Essence within the storm coupled with the serene quietness allow most Valkyn'Vi Seers to increase the clarity of their visions. It is said that some receive flash after flash of possible futures while other see a vision so clear, they think they were actually their. In any case, the potential for clarity comes at a cost, reliability. While in a down portents, the visions may be of a future that may not exist, an event that already occurred, or a skewed perspective.

Hurricanos begin bubbling up from the ground similar to a volcano. They can take time to build, but usually occur fairly quickly over the course of a single day. If they are given time to build, the intensity of the hurricano is greatly increased. Where the lava from a volcano would pool around it, the molten rock from a hurricano is lighter than air. As it is expelled from the land, it begins to spiral upwards until the cool air and moisture being to harden the rock. Once hardened, the rock is no longer lighter than air but it stays lifted in the sky, held aloft by the lighter than air molten rock. The molten rock from a hurricano is often called 'light lava'.

Eventually, the light lava cannot continue to support the hardened rock above it and the rock rolls off dropping down on anything surrounding it. Boulder-sized chucks rain from the sky even as the heat from the light lava ignites the nearby plant life. Fortunately, hurricanos do not move much from their place of origin, so only the areas around the them are damaged. This damage, though, tends to be fairly significant.

The Dwarven communities have been unfortunate enough to run into hurricanos underground. Here the light lava fills caverns and quickly cuts off possible escape routes for the unlucky Dwarves left behind. Underground, the light lava takes much longer to cool, so the lava tends to run along the ceilings of the caverns.

The Coalsprings are a less destructive force created by the Cataclysm. Showing up in arid areas mostly, they look and act very similarly to a spring of water. But rather than water, the Coalspring flows with a small black rock that easily catches on fire. As to its namesake, the rocks seem to move like water. Most cannot tell the difference between the black rocks found in these thin streams and coal; hence the name 'Coalsprings'. They tend to be useful for those nearby, but they do not last for very long. The average Coalspring quickly dres up after only a few weeks.

Have there been any other strange weather phenomenon? Add to the list!

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