[Written] Havens Lament

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[Written] Havens Lament

Post  Kiel Reid on Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:51 pm

(This was written by Karen Mike as Wren)

The Night of Burning Skulls (Haven's Lament)

The Hunters moon was hungry in the tenth year of the new world
The forward troops of winter closing fast around the living land
And trailing them were soldiers, as the diplomats revealed their swords-
The Elves had come to conquer - Haven braced to make her stand

Haven stood together, though their trust there had been hard won
Trust the only chance for all who called her home to remain free
But the seeds of Haven's downfall had been planted by a favorite son
The night of burning skulls is an immortal treacery

The Elven army was a foe of legendary might and skill
But Haven had a way with legends, had a chance to hold her ground
Corbyn Gravesbane, Traitor, had other plans he would fulfill
The sun would rise on Haven's people dead, on Haven bound

Battle plans were forming in the calm before the coming storm
Ka, the Traitor's lapdog, sat with his friends and drew the lines
The stratagy was perfect, the defenses balanced, all well-formed
Each defender in the courtyard found his place to fight or die

They'd poised the floods of stoneto crush the army waiting at the gate
But with a deadly thud a focus fell inside the palisade
They thought the throw had missed, or thought aught else; it was to late-
The traitors loosed their magics and their brothers, sisters fell - betrayed

Then the gates were opened and the courtyard quickly filled with dying
The lucky dead too quick to question Why, as Roland had to do,
Hesitant to strike his friend lest Ka was charmed, the truth denying -
There the piled bodies and the burning skulls alone were true

Two upon the killing field that bore the signs of Dragon-touch
Corbyn, Traitor, dark and strange - Delayne shone gifted, fire bright
She had choose, but, guileless, she wished to vision others such
Too late she saw him clearly by the burning corpses' light

Before the healers three great heros stood to face their certain fate
One tall and rimmed with virtues light on flashing sword and burnished shield
Another small in stature, but his courage and heart were great
The third, Voralen, Phoenix, died upon his feet - he would not yield

A dark light flashed in Corbyn's eyes upon another Phoenix shield
Attacked thus by his old, dear friend his heart and body turned to stone -
Donovan, of Phoenix fire, frozen watched the bloody field
'Till stone was flesh, and Fellowship, the Traitor's blade, was driven home

And still between the healers and their death one fighter standing fast
And raising high his Fellhammer with battle scream to fill the night
Durgan, though a Guthrie born, that night became a Dwarf at last
Joyful in his Dwarven heart to meet his death within the fight

When Elven hands secured the keep they called the Traitor's faithful forward
Offering them honor, they commanded each to take a knee
The Unforgiven Four before them, Elven lords raised high thier swords
With pain, at once they knew the truth - traitors fathom treachory

The pirate Kidwyn rose in rage, sword and shield thrown in the dust
Demanding that the killing blow come only from her captain's blade
The elves made room, the Traitor came, what had made a pirate trust?
With burning eyes she met him - then she is for the open sea, away.

Maximus could not be held - he rushed the gate and won the chase
Through dark woods to the meeting point he ached to see his brothers well
Corbyn came, the General stepped forward, offered him embrace
The Traitor's blade went through his heart, whisp'ring his brothers cold farewell

Alone among those trapped within, two of Haven cleared the wall
The screams of those they'd left behind cutting like the blades they fled
Unwilling to survive alone, they turned, Atrum and Sethreal,
But found, ere reaching vengeful death, a reason to survive instead

For Esmerelda, warned to hide, revealed herself to false friends
When cut and bleeding, nearly dead, there came a strange and fearsome child
The Slayer of the Beast, young Gol, was her balm and defense
In eerie calm, with Gabriel, they left the keep, all threat beguiled.

In darkened woodsthese two groups met - the only joy that bloodstained eve
And Atrum, shocked he could still feel, watched Esmerelda, half dead, weep
Amazed that ardour bloomed through death, he left his newfound love to grieve
So many lost - Aeric, her twin, and his dear Vaun - within the keep.

Far from tortured Haven blazed another tragic battlefield
As torture-bidden villagers put their own refuge to the flame
Unarmed the women, children, faced their guards, they though their men to shield
Many died, 'til through the smoke and screams the people's hero came

Robert's voice, though raw with grief, bid all there to come to peace
Guards and villagers, now free, at his voice laid down their arms
His mark blazed as the fires died, as he commanded strife to cease
Sparing lives caught in that trap, his people's lives, from harm

Corbyn Gravesbane pulled the threads, his net 'round Haven closing tight
He dropped the prize into his former people's mailed and waiting hands
But he would bow to no one's rule - he disappeared into the night
His lapdog at his heels, his name burnt black with Traitor's brand

Quen, the keeper of the fires, kept his lodge unto its end
Becoming stone, he saw the rafters break, he watched the flames expand
Those who lived discovered him among the ash he used to tend
He took an ember from the hearth flame forward into a new land

The greatest Haven found and loved became a sanctuary lost
The stars are turning slowly over Elven camp, o'er exiles' road
What would we do for home, for trust, such precious prizes, such great cost
The ghosts of Haven live again in heartache, memory, and an ode

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