[Written] Swamp Trolls

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[Written] Swamp Trolls

Post  Jared T on Fri Jul 22, 2011 9:43 am

Found in the Lore section of the Final Haven website.

Swamp Trolls
By: Garet Maevers
Date: 1056

Common Name: Swamp Troll

Nourishment: Omnivorous, herbivore

Sleep Pattern: Diurnal

Number Commonly Encountered: 1-4

Mental Aptitude: Human intelligence

Habitat: Swamp trolls are found near and in swamps and bogs.

Description: Swamp trolls are covered in a patchwork of course hair. The color of the hair ranges from black to brown and from olive to forest green. The trolls use their hair as camoflauge allowing them to go unoticed or to ambush unsuspecting prey. Often swamp trolls will roll in grass, moss, and twigs to enhance their natural camoflauge. It is unknown how complex the swamp trolls language is or if they even have a language because they make no attempt to communicate with those not of their species. It is theorized that they communicate amongst themselves with a simple language of grunts and growls.

Tactical Information: According to reports, swamp trolls attempt to lure their opponents into a swamp or river. They primarily use their long claws to attack but have been known to use clubs. They also have regenerative powers that are most effecient whilst they are wet.

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