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[Interrogator] Hypnotist

Post  Jared T on Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:18 pm

The drunkard spilled his drink as he slapped his knee laughing at the whelp on the dirty bar stage clucking like a chicken. A woman dressed in red, with light purple sashes adorning her hips smirked wryly as she snapped her fingers. At this sound, the young farmhand stopped pecking at the ground in a furious search for seed amongst the stained floorboards. The drunken man laughed again as the boy looked around dazed and unknowing. As the woman continued her act, the dirty man continued his obnoxious laughter, continuing to spill the thin brown swill he could probably not afford. The patrons nearby quietly moved away not only for the raucous laughter but for the stench as well.

After her show, she packed her things and walked out of the Inn into the blistering cold. Pulling her cloak tight around her neck she began to move quickly, knowing it would help warm her. Before she could take a dozen steps a dark shape suddenly loomed in front her. The man from the bar: she could smell him from here. He grinned toothlessly at her, his beady black eyes stared right past her as he slurred, "'S good show! I 'specially liked the shikens..." He stumbled briefly before catching himself. A brief flash of a tattoo on the inside of his arm made her blood run cold. She smiled at him and looked into his eyes. He suddenly felt naked, like she knew him. Every bad thing, every evil deed he had done she knew. He was furious, how dare she stand there and judge him with those knowing eyes! She hadn't grown up like he had! In a rage he charged at her swinging blindly. With a quick sidestep she cracked him over the head with the staff he had not noticed she was carrying.

He awoke later in the alley behind the bar. It stunk worse than he did. He looked up and saw only her bright green eyes floating like emeralds in the darkness. He tried to run but his hands and arms were tied with the thick dark twists of rope that held ships at docks. He was scared. Frozen in place more by her eyes than the rope, he stared at those eyes as he felt them peel away layers and expose his core. Frightened he sat there, waiting and wanting it to end. Finally, the eyes spoke, as if from miles away. "Who do you work for?" He barely managed to squeak out an answer... "S-s-slade," he slurred suddenly remembering how drunk he still was. The hissing from the eyes was worse than anything he had ever remembered hearing before. He sat still petrified. "There is something I need you to do the next time you see him..." she whispered.

A few hours later, after the tavern closed, the owner went to throw out the night trash when he spotted something leaning against the building. Walking closer he recognized the drunk from before with a purple sash lying across his arms and legs. Suddenly the drunk roared his eyes wide, “Untie me now! I’s gotta go! I have to find S-s-slade now!”[/quote]


Now I showed off the 'Mind Games' skill, the 'Inescapable Bonds' skill, the 'Interrogate' skill, and the 'Plant Suggestion' skill (if only a suggestion).

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