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Post  Kiel Reid Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:55 pm

Here is list of places where I have been able to access different information on armor as well as places where I have purchased armor.

A few notes on purchasing armor

- Take accurate measurements of yourself. Armor can be difficult to re-size so if you choose to purchase a custom piece take the time to get your measurements.

- Research where you are getting your armor. Some armorers have long wait times and do shoddy work. Some have a reputation for taking your money and not delivering a product. The places listed here I have personal experience with but whenever purchasing elsewhere be cautious.

- Don't buy armor at ren faires. It's much more expensive than most anything you will find online at often less quality. I have made this mistake. Very rarely are is anything at a ren faire not jacked up in price by almost double.

- Get a paypal account. I have purchased a lot of things from independent craftsman who don't take credit cards but like to take payments electronically. These transactions also give you an extra layer of protection if goods are not delivered. - This has been a great place to find a variety of different kinds of armor from leather to plate. This a place where you want to research each seller individually. - This website has a forum where people often trade/sell/buy a variety of armor. Most of it is for SCA use but there are great deals on everything. There are also a multitude of tutorials on crafting plate armors as well as COP's, Lamellar, Leather, etc...I have also purchased some great garb here at dirt cheap prices. This is my favorite site for everything! - These guys have some great fantasy armors but I feel as thought their prices are a bit high. Before coming here for armor I would look to some other avenues first. - If your a 'do it yourself' kind of person this is a great place to go. This is also a great source for scales for scalemail. You can also find a variety of tools and rings for making chainmail. - If your looking for chainmail with very fine rings that is practically indestructible this is this is the place to go. The prices are a bit higher but the product is worth every penny.

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