Final Haven Players Book Project
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Thank you for your interest in providing artwork!

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Thank you for your interest in providing artwork! Empty Thank you for your interest in providing artwork!

Post  Art D Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:48 am

The Final Haven Players Book is going to be illustrated! And while I have already commissioned some industry artists for some parts of the book, I am reaching out to our fellow players as well.

The purpose of the illustrations is to work in-hand with the new Players Book to create a unified vision of the world that is beyond what the Players can see.
The imagination of our players is immense! Unfortunately, sometimes that means that what one person thinks they see is quite different from that of another. While this isn't always a problem, not having a common understanding of what a Tsunotaur, or a Ga'Vin looks like can sometimes lead to odd conversations and some frustrations. Plus, an illustrated book just looks cooler!

Some parts of the book have already been commissioned (the individual Races, for instance), but most others have not, and that's where the skills and talents of our native artists come in!
Things that will need illustrating are:
  • Items (the items represented by tags and mechanics)
  • Landscape/Scenery (from the ruins of castles, to the looks of vegetation)
  • Animals and Monsters (the stuff we fight, or enslave for our bidding)
  • Scenes (character interactions, like fights, inside bars, training, crafting, etc.)
  • Design Elements (borders of pages, icons, line-breaks)

I am looking for a certain level of professionalism in the quality of the work we will be using. Unfortunately, that means that not everyone who wants to be involved will be included in the book. However, I'm willing to work withing someone's abilities, so those who can't draw people, but can draw weapons, or those good with photo-manipulation, but can't draw will still have a chance to be published.

If you would like to be a part of this project, please Email me (at a link to some of your artwork, or Email me some examples of the work that best represents your style and ability.
At this time, I am not able to pay for the work, so all submissions will have to be gifted to Final Haven. Any further reimbursements, or in-kind donations will have to be handled through Final Haven separately.

If you are accepted:
  • You will be given your assignment and your deadline.
  • At that time you can choose to accept the task, or turn it down.
  • Your Artwork will need to be either given to me for scanning, or submitted digitally as clean, high-resolution images.
  • The book will likely be printed in black-and-white, so make sure your work looks good in grayscale!

While Final Haven does not retain exclusive rights to any submitted artwork, it will be given full rights to reproduce the work for their own uses (this could mean use on flyers, websites, posters, other books, etc.)[/list]

More information will be available as the rest of the book is written, so some yet-to-be-written parts of the book may call for illustrations that we have yet to figure out yet.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Art Direction Q&A section and I'll try to answer them as we get them. Smile
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