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Society of Gavyn

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Society of Gavyn Empty Society of Gavyn

Post  tearin4242 Thu Sep 01, 2011 11:40 pm

Alright so read my reply to Taki to get an idea where I am coming from, and I will provide additional info.

As a race GaVyn are the lawful evil but that does not mean they all are. In startrek terms I had them between a klingon and a ferangy

First off Ga'vyn spawn, or at least I think that is the term I used, and I forget what the young were called. Basically a Ga'vyn child is considered a very one of the lowest form of life and in no way considered a Gavyn, you only become a member of the race after the trial.

Gavyn is a cast society where your position is determined by your trial and once determined can never be changed. I believe there were 4 casts.

The lowest cast gets the job of taking care of the children...maybe brood was the name I used? who knows

When a child comes to age they are kicked out of the group where they must wander. This is in recognition of "The Great Walk". This time is different for all Gavyns, but once completed the Gavyn returns for the trial.

The trial consists of a fire ritual where the Gavyn stands in fire until it can stand no more. The amount of time you spend in the fire determines your rank so basically the most scared and gnarled are in the head caste. If you die during the trial it is considered one of the greatest dishonors imaginable.

The person who leads the Gavyn is called Father and is always a male who gets to breed with the highest stock females. The father may take many woman. Like a lion pride other Gavyn of the highest cast can challenge the leader to a contest....never defined. The leader becomes the new father.

Gavyn usually take trophies, and the trophies are indicative of caste with the highest caste taking heads.

At one point I had a list of rules that governed Gavyn society similar to the rules of acquisition of Ferangi, but with the honor code of a Klingon with the worminess of a lawful evil society.
Example of one remember: What you say you must do, If you give your word you must follow through. I forget exactly how it is worded, but it only applies to other Gavyn, though a Gavyn would never inform a non gavyn of this stipulation. Also a clever gavyn will always leave themselves an out so a promise by 1 gavyn to another is usually full of pitholes.

At one point I had a bunch of these rules and they were all honor sounding on the surface, but within them they were full of twistyness.

Oh there was a way for non gavyn to become a "brother" of the gavyn and were marked accordingly. Once marked you had to be treated like other Gavyn so the rules applied to you.


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