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[Written] Ents

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[Written] Ents Empty [Written] Ents

Post  Jared T Fri Jul 22, 2011 11:02 am

Found in the Lore section of the Final Haven website.

On Ents - A Naturists Study... By: Gywdia Tyr

On Ents - A Naturists Study
By: Gwydia Tyr
Date: 919

Common Name: Ent

Also Known As: Hominid Sylvae, An'Sylv

Nourishment: Water and Sunlight

Activity Cycle: Seasonal: Active Day and Night in Spring, During the Day in Summer, During Morning and Evening in Fall, and Hibernate during Winter.

No. Commonly Encountered: Solitary, though they gather in large numbers with the arrival of Spring, at the height of the Solar Maximum.

Mental Aptitude: Above Human Intellegance

Movement: Ents are great striders, covering 6 spans to their pace.

Habitat: Dense forrests and wilds. The oldest and deepest groves far from civilizations are their favored haunts, though in ancient times they lived closely with a number of races.

Climate Found: Swamp, Forrest, Jungle, Temperate Rainforrest.

Description: Ents are enormous and ancient creatures, the youngest counting their age in centuries. The oldest among them existed before the splitting. Few speak the tongues of men, though most are not overly aggressive. They protect their forest groves fiercely.

To the casual observer, many an Ent has been mistaken for a tree, somewhat stunted and withered. They stand between 12 and 30 feet in height. They seem to flow across the ground, covering enormous distance with their steps, and are quite dexterous with their giant hands, when they choose to be.

Ents come in varieties as varied as the trees they live among, and many talespinners equate the oldest trees of a given forest to being sleeping ents. Perhaps they are.

Tactical Information: An angry ent is a fearsome thing indeed, but they rarely grow angry unless antagonized. They have little love for fire though, and will extinguish it with great haste... often along with anyone holding it. The few records of slain ents tell of axes, usually in the dead of winter when ents are at their slowest.

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