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[Suggested] Hold Ground

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[Suggested] Hold Ground Empty [Suggested] Hold Ground

Post  Kiel Reid Sat May 21, 2011 11:31 am

This is a skill that I would consider a staple for any warrior. It gives you the ability to withstand the most brutal of blows but negates your mobility. But how? Here are a couple of concepts I came up with.

- You are one with the earth. You can take stone form but cannot move while doing so because it will break the connection.

- When you make a vow that you will defend a spot it empowers you, making you push your body beyond. Afterwords however you are exhausted.

- You have the ability to call on other wordly being for help. After it grants you the boon it takes it payment in the form of your essence.

- Through concentration you can control your body perfectly. You can cause wounds to barely bleed out and move perfectly to minimize the effect they have on you. But when you break concentration it all catches back up with you.

- Alchahol has different effect on you. When you drink you become an immovable bastion of strength but eventually the brew catches up and you pass out.


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