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[Suggested] The Appearance of Beastmen (IC/OOC)

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[Suggested] The Appearance of Beastmen (IC/OOC) Empty [Suggested] The Appearance of Beastmen (IC/OOC)

Post  Art D Mon May 02, 2011 2:30 am

The appearance of each beastman is as unique as the individual who has been affected by "The Curse". But to what extent does one physically show the amalgamation of man and animal? Is it always fairly 50/50 in affected features (sorta like Island of Dr. Moreau)? Or can it be patchy with perhaps just the ears/nose/eyes effected (cat-girl style), or maybe something a-symmetrical (the left side is wolf, or one eye is cat, or one arm is furred, or feathers in the hair...)

• Genetically, are the traits of a Wolf Beastman and a Cat Beastman going to result in a Cat/Wolf beastchild, or will only one animal prove dominant per child (all children have the phenotype of the mother, or it is a 50/50 of the phenotype of the mother or the father.)
OR, are the animal traits NOT passed on genetically, but a Wolf beastman and Cat beastwoman might have a Bird beastchild.

• Costume-wise, one should be able to look at a player who is a "Beastman" from a good distance and see evidence that they have been mutated with the likeness of an animal.
In-Character, obviously one's costuming should best represent the fullness of their character's animal appearance, but due to costs, not everyone will be able to do that (on the forums, I have a full wolf head, but I only have wolf ears and make-up at the LARP.) The rule of thumb should be that it should be quite difficult to "cover up" one's Beastman-ness, which is why the entirety of the Beastmen "culture" has been removed from "civilized" society.

• Another issue involves Beastmen that may appear to look like other races. Should bird-beastmen be distinguishable from Avyana? What about the cosuming for those that may be mistaken as Tsunotaur?

• Are there some "Beasts" that are not allowed? What about insects? birds? fish? etc.? Should there be a limitation to "Just mammalian", or open to any animal?
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