[Suggested] Remove Poison/Disease

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[Suggested] Remove Poison/Disease

Post  Kiel Reid on Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:49 am

These two skills are very similar. I decided to lump them together for ways to roleplay the use of the skill.

- You prepare a special curative plant and treat the targets affliction with it. The plant itself is not rare or hard to find but the way you prepare it is what unlocks it's potency.
- You can control the targets affliction, demanding it to leave the body.
- You are surrounded by a powerful magical aura. By having contact with the target the aura is close enough to cause the affliction to dissipate into nothingness.
- Your blood carries the cure to many afflictions. By creating a small cut in yours and the targets hands you can have your blood enter theirs, destroying the affliction. Contact must be maintained because if you are not linked together the blood loses it's special properties.
- You have a magical bag that if you reach inside it and concentrate the cure will appear in your hand for whatever affliction your are treating. However the bag only works in your hands and becomes inert after a few seconds if not applied directly to the target.
- You can perform a special ritual dance that clenses the target of all afflictions.
- You can burn the affliction out of the targets body. While effective this causes great pain to the target from the burning sensation.

Please add additional ideas below!

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