[written] Elven Holidays

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[written] Elven Holidays

Post  Christen M. on Thu Mar 10, 2011 9:37 pm

Elven holidays are a celebration of life and a remembrance of time passing. There are eight primary holidays which roughly coincide with the passing of the seasons.

There are four basic methods for celebrating holidays. Revelry, Gathering, Communal Solitude, and Solitude.

Solitude is a time for individual meditation and relaxation. Communal solitude is a silent sharing of companionship while meditating on the meanings in their lives. Gathering is a serious discussion about the affairs of the Elven nation, sort of a relaxed debate in which all intelligent conversation is welcome. Revelry is the grand celebration of drink, dance, song, and hilarity.

The eight holidays are
Belanus -Communal Solitude - celebrating the first stirring of spring in early march.
Salat - (Revelry) - Birth, life continuing, Defeat of Winter, and is celebrated in May.
Calimas - (Gathering) - Full bloom of summer, celebrated mid June.
Lassani – (Gathering) - First Harvest, end of august.
Haljumii – (Solitude) - Sept. 21 (autumn equinox) end of summer.
Benasqui – (Communal Solitude) - Sharing against the Winter, October 31.
Galinn–(Solitude) - The first snows, celebrated in late November.
Alcain –(Revelry) - Storytelling, a full week of merrymaking, celebrating the passing of the winter solstice.
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