[Written] Final Haven Core Book

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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

Post  Jared T on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:52 pm

No one knows where the Tsunotaur came from or how they fit in with the current state of Phanterra. Rumors abound that their origins lie somewhere out past what used to be the Sea of Dust. Others adamantly refute these stories of nomadic beginnings, claiming that they have always been here, and that they should not be held at fault if the rest of the world was too blind to see them. What is known is that they are a race of horned creatures with at least two distinct factions, the Klatu and the Pivo. The former are primitive and unruly, at home in the wilds and friends with Barbarians and especially Orcs. The latter are somewhat more refined, being more inclined to think first and strike later, but both seem to strike eventually. The Pivo prefer the company of Gnomes, Guthries, and Humans, as well as the comfortable living that those civilizations have to offer. Most races view these “newcomers” with suspicion, though the Pivo have been more successful at being accepted.

~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 16
Tsunotaur must wear small horns on the top of their heads. ... Optionally, some Tsunotaur may have hoofed feet and animalistic features.

~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 16

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