[Suggested] Rage

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[Suggested] Rage

Post  Kiel Reid on Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:24 pm

Rage is another one of those skills that seems very straight forward skills. With a little creativity you can turn this into more than just "I get mad and hit stuff harder" skill.

- The warrior is possessed by an other worldly being that they can channel into raw power. But the power cannot be controlled completely and causes the warrior to lose some of their hold on their being.
- The warrior chews on a special root that causes them to enter a battle frenzy. Only by spitting the root out can they regain control.
- The warrior has mastered a fighting style that allows them to strike harder and more precisely. However the technique requires so much concentration that the warrior senses are dulled to all else.
- The warrior was the target of a spell that would grant him great strength but it was flawed. Now when the warrior calls on the power they find themselves unable to anything but attack in a mindless stupor.
- The warrior was cursed with a maddening blood lust but learned to suppress the urge. Now the warrior only unleashes it when necessary in battle.

How does your rage work? Add some idea's to the list of things you've thought of or seen that you thought were cool.

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