[Suggested] Barter

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[Suggested] Barter

Post  Kiel Reid on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:42 pm

Barter is one of those skills I feel is not given too much thought when picked. Free Resources!!! Yay!!! But how you actually acquire said resources can vary greatly and add a lot of depth to a character and even lead to some great role-playing opportunities.

- The rouge is a great artist/bard/storyteller and the resources they receive are gifts from their fans
- The rouge has found a nearby farming community that they extort for resources on a regular basis.
- The rouge has helped a small community and the resources are a tribute they pay him to this day out of gratitude.
- The rouge owns a small farm/mine/distillery and this is out put every event.
- The rouge works for an adventurer/assassin/thieves guild and when work comes up this is his or her payment.
- The rouge belongs to a rich family and this is their allowance to stay away every month as they are an embarrassment.
- The rouge has made a investment in a trading company and this is their share of the profits every month.
- The rouge is a pirate and this is their share of the loot.

Please add additional ways you can roleplay Barter!

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Re: [Suggested] Barter

Post  E. Stark on Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:16 pm

- They could have a wealthy patron who supports their endeavors.

- They could have found an old buried treasure and only take out small portions to avoid others seeking after it.

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