[Suggested] Magic Fear

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[Suggested] Magic Fear

Post  Kiel Reid on Wed Mar 09, 2011 12:34 pm

When we interpret the use of this skill we generally think of just throwing a ball of magic that frightens off someone. While indeed this is one way you can use this skill there are other ways in which it can be roleplayed are extensive. I have listed a few below.

- You have the ability to cast a spell that reveals your enemies greatest nightmares before their eyes. Some stand there stunned while others run in fear.
- Your magic can trick your opponents senses into seeing terrible images ment frighten them.
- You use your magic to allow your target to see your true form for but a moment which is so grotesque it causes them to flee in terror.
- You have control over emotions and the use of this ability heightens their sense of fear to it's highest levels.
- You have captured the voice of a very powerful being (Demon, Dragon, An'Dar...etc) and bound it to yourself. Using the power of the voice terrifies your target but also drains you as well.
- You have learned how to harvest and handle Terror Seed, a seed that when infused with magic and lifeforce causes the next person to have any contact with it be overwhelmed with terror.

These are just a few examples. Feel free to add to the list of other cool ways you could roleplay having the Magic Fear ability.

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Re: [Suggested] Magic Fear

Post  E. Stark on Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:13 pm

- It could be you know the True Tongue and using it's words causes a primal reaction in the target.

- You could surround yourself in magic and take on a terrible visage of power (think Galadriel in "Lord of the Rings" when she is offered the One Ring).

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