[Suggested] The Scrolls of Nashua

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[Suggested] The Scrolls of Nashua

Post  E. Stark on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:40 am

Long ago, in a place lost to time, there lived a blacksmith of great renown, named Nashua. It was said he was so skilled with his craft that he imbued magic upon all he created. So sought after were his skills that people would travel for weeks to seek him at his forge. In this land also lived seven Lords, each who sought to keep his lands safe and prosperous. Each of these Lords summoned the blacksmith Nashua before them and demanded of him a sword of magical power that they might rule their lands. Nashua at first refused and the Lords gifted to him lands of his own, yet still he refused, asking what need he would have of land. The Lords then piled before him gold and gems and jewels, yet still he refused, saying he was wealthy enough to be alive. The Lords then offered their daughters, but again Nashua refused, saying he was old and had no needed of beautiful maids. The Lords then grew angry and threatened to destroy the village Nashua lived in and all who lived there. Nashua agreed to make the swords for these seven Lords as long as they spared his people.

For seven years Nashua gathered the things he would need to craft the blades needed and for seven more years he worked and toiled to finish them. In the end, Nashua had grown old and lost his spirit to live, but he had completed his task. But Fate would deny those Lords their swords, for as Nashua journeyed to the Lords; he grew sick and died upon the road. Bandits upon that very road found his body and felt sorrow and saw him properly buried, but they also stole the seven swords. It is unfortunate that these bandits never grew to great renown as the seven swords have been lost to the knowledge of man, as has the name of Nashua.

I have spent a lifetime or more in pursuit of all mention I can of Nashua, traveling the whole of the land and many place beyond it's borders. I had almost given up hope when I discovered references to a burial mound called Nashua Rest. It gave me some hope. I traveled to the region and found a village that was near this Nashua Rest. I spent some time there interviewing people as to the history of the region. The oldest person there, a wrinkled old man of seventy odd years, said he had heard stories as a young child about a blacksmith named Nashua. The old one said that he figured the story to be old as he'd heard it from his grandfather. It was a simple matter to find out where this resting place was, about two days from the village, in some nearby foothills. I took about a week in those foothills searching before I found an old burial cave.

I didn't hesitate to break the seal; I'm not superstitious in any way. Inside I found the remains of a couple of bodies and signs that some of them had died rather violently. I also found, hidden away on one of the skeletal remains, a well-preserved roll of vellum. I carefully examined it and was filled with joy as I realized had found actual proof of the blacksmith Nashua and his seven swords. Written on the vellum were the descriptions and names of the Seven Swords. Also from my other inquiries in searching down the Seven Swords of Nashua, I have to suspect that each of the swords may be imbued with some magical properties. Written on the that parchment was a somewhat cryptic warning. "Greed and Lust did fuel the creation of these swords and so it shall be that each sword will grant the wielder its secrets, but it shall mark them as well."

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