[Suggested] The Death of Cortage

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[Suggested] The Death of Cortage

Post  E. Stark on Wed Mar 09, 2011 2:36 am

Last Stand, the Death of Cortage

Tired arms and bloodshot eyes, his weapons dark with blood
On the bridge did stand one man, alone against the flood.
Sundered sword and shattered shield, tired with broken bone,
He swore to stand and die, his spirit set in stone.
Fields of fiends await his flesh, to rend, to bite, to tear.
And still he stands unmoving, in him no sign of fear.
The Lord of Darkness watches, a friend until this day
But this will not spare the man, for he stands within the way.
And comes the rush of keening hordes, the rattling of shields.
But once again they fall in death, the man he does not yield.
A dozen, dozen died that day, a dozen more in vain.
And through it all the man fought on, ignoring endless pain.
Three days he promised to his brother, to let the children flee.
Three days he stood and fought and bled, with no one was left to see.
At last the hordes did cease to come, for none remained alive.
And across the distant bridge did watch, cold and lifeless eyes.
Measured steps and determined course, the Dark Lord walked his way.
And in that moment the lone man knew, at last his final day.
But this did not deter him, for he would complete his vow.
Prowess, strength and given talent, would need to serve him now.
“Come, Dark One! Come and die!”, shouted the lone man
“Come and fight me, old friend, kill me if you can!”
Without a word the starlit eye of Darkness began to weep.
For even though he faced his brother, his spirit he would reap.
From the Lord's dark lips, ancient words did whisper out.
Mystic words of torture, pain and anguish caused the hero to shout.
“Once you were my kinsman, a brother to the core
Is that the best you give old friend, I have faced far worse before.”
And in that last moment, the Dark Lord smiled at last.
“I have slain you already brother, your spirit is already past.”
And Aiden looked about him, and tears he could not shed
For on the valley floor, his body lay quite dead.

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