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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

Post  Jared T on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:50 pm

Orcs are strong and brutal, have long served others, have been manipulated by others, and have fought for others. To some extent they resent this, but to some extent they take pride in their fighting ability. They are the first to the field of battle and the last to leave. They are arrogant of their strength and brutish in nature. As a people they are unlearned, unwashed, and unfriendly, but also staunchly loyal to their chosen leader. Often they will follow a leader into a hopeless battle, simply because he is their leader and they could not think of doing otherwise. Though Orcs are strong and well suited for manual labor, they have little patience for skilled work in general, and will construct rude shacks for themselves. Settlements are unplanned and haphazard, more like camps than enduring villages. It is important not to mistake the slow speech of the Orc with pure stupidity. Their large teeth and tusks often cause slurring, but they are quite capable of reason when they choose to apply it, thinking slowly through a problem and coming to a solution. As such, many opponents have been surprised by the failure of a plot in which he thought to outwit the dim Orcs.

~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 15
Tusks or large teeth are common, though not mandatory. They also commonly wear raw skins or hides rather than elaborate clothing.

~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 15

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