[Written] Elven Story of ‘The Knowledge Seeker’: The Tale of Aerissa and the Challenge

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[Written] Elven Story of ‘The Knowledge Seeker’: The Tale of Aerissa and the Challenge

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:21 pm

Elven Story of ‘The Knowledge Seeker’: The Tale of Aerissa and the Challenge

There once happened to be a young elven maiden of a noble house who studied all day long. Aerissa, being her name, was spending the day in the library as usual when a slightly taller elf who was tanned and rugged-looking stepped inside. His eyes jumped from wall to ceiling to wall again as he proceeded in the building. He sat down in a far corner near a window and opened a book. Aerissa couldn’t help but notice this man’s entry, but decided to continue reading.

A long time had passed; the sun had set and the moon had rose when he packed up his books. He was very careful not to damage the binding, covers or pages, this appeased Aerissa, for she had thought less of him. He had left before her, as she always takes good measure that not a page is folded or ripped before putting the book away. As she stepped outside, she was greeted by this fellow whom she had seen before.

“G’day, or g’d eve, I should say. I couldn’t help but notice yer book readin’ in thar and was wunderin’ if yer ever gonna come out,” he smiled at her, but she gave a disgusted sneer.

“What is it you want wood walker? Why is it you so boldly approached my person without adressing me as madam, or lady?” she stomped her foot as she waited for an answer.

“M’ Lady, its jus’ that I was wunderin’ if you knew as much as me?” he retorted, half-hoping the statement wouldn’t offend her.

“What? Of course one, such as myself, knows more than you! You with your vulgar voice and slackened appearance. What house do you attend?”

“I don’t attend a house, my Lady. An’ that sounds like a challenge to me. I challenge you to a battle of wits and intellect,” he raised his hand out to make the challenge concrete.

“I should have you arrested! You of NO house, and myself of noble house! What business do you have with me anyway? Best you be off before you regret it!”

“Sounds like you’re intimidated. If you surely in doubt of your knowledge then I shall leave you, but if you have any pride in yourself, take me up on the offer.”

Aerissa crossed her arms and tapped a foot before she agreed to the challenge. “What are the terms?” she questioned.

“If I win, you’ll go outside more often, an’ enjoy whats given to ya” he stated.

She raised an eyebrow, then smiled “And if I win, I’ll teach you how to speak properly,” On those terms they shook hands and agreed to meet at the library at first light.

Upon the coming of morning, Aerissa met her challenger at the library. His hair was disheleved and, was standing underneath a tall shady oak.

“Tell me,” Aerissa asked as she pulled a leaf from his hair, “we made a pact, I haven’t your name?”
He growled at her hand as it pulled the leaf away. She jerked her hand back and dropped the leaf. They exchanged names, and Thaellin Brightthorne suggested the challenge.

“We’ll take a walk in th’ forest, and you’ll name everything ya’ see.” They walked for nearly half of the day. The challenge was met. She named off everything she saw, but only the names. He told her what everything did medicinally for he was a renown healer and skilled with herbs. She was in awe of his knowledge, but she never let it show. When they finished, she brought up her challenge,

“Your skill with words and numbers will be measured now.” She smiled as she walked into the library. He followed closely behind and sat at the same table he did the other day. She walked over to the table with a sheet of paper and a wax mark. First she wrote down dozens of sets of numbers and symbols, then asked him to figure them out. He glared at her and ripped the paper in half.

“You never set the boundaries,” she said victoriously, “now for the other half of the test" she said as she pulled out three different books in three different dialects of language.

“Read these,” she demanded.

He slowly looked up at her, then at the books and opened one up to the first page and pretended not to known how to read, for he was very smart and well versed in language too.

“I can’t, Lady Aerissa. I can’t read but a language an’ none of these ‘er it. I set this down then. I can redeem maself with the book reading. If you can’t read this book I got, then these other books don’t count.”

She thought for a minute, and figured that if he can read it, it must be a simple language and said, “Yes, in fact if I cannot read your book, then you will win, but if I can read your book then I win.”

She picked up his well-kept book and opened it to the first page, then with a stumped look upon her face, she set the book down. “This is cheating!” she declared, “That is the language of magic, a language I cannot read! You must know other languages to be able to read that! You lied, therefore I win the challenge.”

“No,” he solemnly said, “I didn’t cheat, for it was a game of intelligence and wits, and I beat you by trickery. Something that someone should’ve been looking for in a challenge such as this. Anyway, it was your own boundaries that you broke, because of your own ego.”

She accepted this ruling for it was true. She had underestimated his knowledge and in turn lost to a mere peasant among her people. Then upon reflecting his last words and how clear and correct they were she wondered if he had purposely tricked her.

“You lied twice! You speak much clearer now than before.”

“That’s correct,” he stated, “I had lost. I couldn’t figure your equations, and if I lost you would teach me correct speech, and that you did.”

She looked bewildered for a moment, then asked, “I had not spent a day with you and you have already learned the correct way to speak?”

“Yes,” he answered, “Why do you think my challenge was vocal? In case I had lost, I still would have proven to be more wisened than you, thus duping you in yet another way. You must think ahead so that you will never lose in whatever you do. Remember my words.” and that was the last Aerissa ever saw of Thaellin Brightthorne, the wisest elf ever to wander the Phantera.

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