[Written] Dark Elves

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[Written] Dark Elves

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:16 pm

The Dark Elves

Children of the sun I call you, as I am a child of the stars. My people have been night to the day of elven kind for millenia, since long before the splitting.

We saw the corruption and arrogance of our brethren, their subjugation of lesser races destroyed the very spirit of my people. In ancient legend our great lord Kyri Dra'an, a friend of ancient powers spoke against the ruling council of the elven nations.

For our dissent we were punished, and took shelter in the deepest caves, below even the dwellings of the An'Drae'Dar and An'Dar'Vi. Over the millenia that passed, our people turned against their male leaders who had brought them to live in solitude and shame. Deep within the rock we hardened ourselves, focused our powers, and built shining empires to rival anything found on the surface.

Then we struck back. Our matriarchs lead us on a glorious fight against our corrupt surface kin. We took many slaves, and slaughtered the lying kin of the lands. But alas we were cursed and our numbers ever declined. So we launched a campaign to raid the lesser races, and with powerful rites learned in the darkness we drew their strength and vitality into our people, rebirthing our race.

After the joining, some of us realized our under-empire had become as corrupt as the surface elves. They rebelled against their own kin, and now the empire of eternal night is sundered. Many factions exist, some ruled by the rebels and some by the matriarchs.

Near the small settlement of haven, a few hundred paces below the ground, one such enclave thrives.

The trade post of Pyr'Havi, the fire home, has been captured by the rebels, and they thrive through renewed trade with the surface. On nights of the new moon, our people venture under the open sky once more and rejoice. The few hundreds of Pyr'Havi grow, and our fine crafts, and powerful magics will ensure us a place of power in the new world being formed.

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