[Suggested] Journals of Atrum Draconis

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[Suggested] Journals of Atrum Draconis

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:14 pm

(As a note I found these journal were given to Garrett Maevers via the forums. Credit should go to the players who created them for all I did was copy and paste.)

Atrum Draconis


I arrived in Haven just before sundown and decided to walk quickly through the village to make sure that things were alright. Speaking to a few of the village members I quickly surmised that the attacks that were occurring before I left were still occurring nightly. With a few assuring words to Bob Barleyman and a few of my students I quickly made my way to the Hall.

It seems awfully empty these days, Rashon and Simon haven't visited in some time. To my surprise it was completely void of anyone. This concerned me but a quick check revealed that all seemed in order, except that Azara things were no longer there. But Garion had never kept his things in the Hall and in tuth I had alway thought it strange that Azara did, no matter a conversation with her would clear it up.

I set to making a few potions since my supply had been thoroughly depleted over the past week or so. There has barely been time to brew any ale and no time to brew any other indulgences, truly a pity but hopefully soon things will ease.

As I was preparing the brew kettle I heard the sound of the door pit being disengaged, I put hand to hilt of my small weapon and prepared to defend the Hall. The door creaked open and Leeland came in, loosing the grip on my weapon and leaving that place that I go when.... there is a job to be done, I clasped his hand and we had a short conversation on the happenings of late. He informed me that there would be no more information from the captive murderer and I took myself back to that place and did what had to be done. This time it was a little different, normally within that place there is nothing but my surroundings, emotion and everything associated with it slides from me slowly until it seems to be at the edge of my vision, just out of reach and I am left numb and void. This time... this time one emotion would not slide away, anger remained refusing to succumb to my will, and taunting me as I performed my duty. The look on Nimlear's face as steel slid in between his ribs only heightened the anger, and then the source of the anger was revealed to me as 3 faces floated through the void that I tried to cloak myself in. The faces belonged to the others of this pathetic murderers group, Dimack Pentaguishine and Conner, 2 of which are on the loose and one is captive, although held by the Guild of Light.

Shaking away the images and the void I returned to my normal state and only the anger remained.

Soon after I grabbed up Dark Claw and Leeland and I exited the Hall to find some of the guild of light exiting their Hall with Azara, a conversation would definitely be in order but that could come later. Hurrying down to the Inn to give Ovak a few days supply of Black Claw I found no Ovak and the plaque on the wall removed, Hopefully it was just stolen but no matter. There were a few people there Donovan, and a few people that I did not recognize who later I came to know as Donovan's men of the Order of the Phoenix. Hopefully they have the resiliency of a Phoenix because here in Haven they will need it.

There was talk of going to fix the sundial, I was reticent to leave the town unprotected but Leeland was going to stay and he can handle himself or at least get some help if it was needed. I eased into the rank of townsmembers leaving for the sundial, much too easily, one of the newcomers looked like he was going to question my arrival but kept silent. No wonder we have such trouble defending our town, we are lax in our security and our organization.

Nothing proved this point to me more than the trip we made, on the road we were attacked by numerous things and each time it was handled horribly. We split into many small groups instead of staying together, our skills were not used to their best advantage, and we nearly lost most of our group. Once there was a decent break in the fighting I asked of the dial and was told that it was taken on by Ka and Ashe and a few others. I turned to run to catch up and looked over my shoulder as I ran... noone even looked to be making an effort to catch the others to help defend them.

I reached the now familiar crossroads, well it was probably a crossroads at one time now it is a spot where 2 semi trails in the woods intersect. I stood very still listening for movement... there off to the left and just a little forward I hurried to where I had heard the snapping of wood and faint almost ethereal voices, luckily it was night and most of the forest's animals were slumbering. I came upon a the townspeople just in time to fend off an attack, knowing that others may not find this place once they reached the crossroads I returned with much haste just in time to meet Kathryn and others there, I asked if everyone else was with them and was told yes, I informed them that the dial and those that protected it were in grave danger and turned to find my way back to the dial. A quick glance over my shoulder revealed the same lethargy as before even though now steel on steel rang through the forest like a bell tolling death. I returnrd to the area of the dial just in time to see everyone beiong overwhelmed and as I entered the fray I used my skills as best possible but there were many. I rounded a tree near the dial and nearly stepped on Ashe, laying motionless on the ground. The last thing Leeland told me before I left was to keep his cousin safe, I yelled for a healer and Dallid soon stood over us. I left her in his most capable hands and turned to make sure that he was not disturbed in his work.

The figting wore on until at last something happened and we were no longer in the glade that we had been in. Not far from us was the Warlord and a small army it seemed. I fought with a man that wielded the scimitar that plagued us moons ago, he was felled and another picked it up and fought on. He fell too and I did not have time to move the weapon out of the way. During these two battles my supply of healing potions was completely exhausted but luckily they would not be needed. After the battle I went to where I knew the sword layed and found 2 of the new people standing over it. After warning them not to touch it I used my weapon to move it to a safe place and stood over it. It... It seemed to be speaking to me...telling me it was ok... ok to pick it up... that in my hands we would both come to prominensce, or it could have just been my imagination, I was very wounded and had not been attended to yet. Hopefully that is what caused the voices. Once we returned to our own time the sword no longer lay there.

As we struck out I realized that I knew I was in need of healing but wanted to get back to town before causing anymore delays, the forests have not been safe for some time and our travel to this glade had been harried. As we trudged along we were attacked by the man called Joseph that had assailed us and cut me down with one swipe on the way out. I chose to let the warriors and the mages habdle this threat as if i were to take a strike from that weapon in my current state I would surely not wake to Dallid over me this time. Joseph was apparently defeated and we continued on to town. As we approached town I had slid into that void at some point and was completely oblivious to most everything around me, only half feeling the ground smack me in the face. Apparently being laid low many times has had some affect on me, now when I fall in battle I keep my wits about me, I could feel Ashe's touch, barely within the void and hear her's and a few others words as Dallid worked on me. It felt different somehow, more like what Leeland does when he heals, but not exactly like that either, but as long as it worked I cared not.

Later that night Donovan and his men, Ashe, Roland and Corbin and I ventured out to a place that Ashe wished to visit, a Cult of IO, where all the inhabitants had been slain, it was our hope that our efforts in the past while fixing time may have saved their lives, it was not to be and I was for exuming the bodies and burning them until Ashe said that Dallid had overseen the burial, the last thing this world needs is more undead horrors walking it. Our return trip was much less eventful and we returned to the fire to drink more and discuss the evenings events.

Maybe it was the drink I offered or the energy of battle but Roland and some of the Phoenix members began an impromptu archery contest, Roland with his bow was much more accurate than the crossbows that the Phoenix members wielded. Soon they began shooting at each other and Leeland and I knew it was time for us to depart, Roland joined us and we headed back to Hall for the night.

Hopefully we can learn lessons from each of our encounters and handle such things more efficiently in the future.

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