[Suggested] Journals of Dallid 2

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[Suggested] Journals of Dallid 2

Post  Kiel Reid on Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:12 pm

(As a note I found these journal were given to Garrett Maevers via the forums. Credit should go to the players who created them for all I did was copy and paste.)



"A strange affliction has struck the town. A number of residents, including myself, have contracted a parasite. From exactly where, I know not, but currently the only side affect has been increased hunger, though this alone could pose a threat if it causes a severe depletion of the food supply. However I am currently denying treatment, as I do not wish to kill the parasite. However, a time may come when the hosts’ lives are endangered by these creatures. I will have to meditate on this matter."

"Travelers continue to arrive in Haven, and recently several have been attacked by strange wolf-like creatures. A man named Sabastian suffered such an attack, but we were able to save him. He claimed to have information on the Prophesy, and wished to speak with Elder Quexell about it. However, his journal, containing much needed information on the Prophesy, was dropped during the attack. A number of townsfolk set out to retrieve it."

"Not long after, the few of us remaining in the Inn heard screams from outside the village. Atrim and I set out immediately to investigate, but hesitated when we reached the main road. The screams seemed to come from both the Guild Halls and the trail. We had to chose a direction, and choose quickly, so we set off down the trail."

"We found the adventure party that had set out to find Sabastian’s journal fighting hard against skeletons, zombies, and Florins Golems. Several had all ready been downed, so I found myself busy at once. The golems demonstrated extraordinary strength, as always, and gradually overwhelmed us. Florin, himself, was also present, so we concluded we where near an entrance to his lair. We tried to fall back, but there was always at least one more fallen to retrieve, and we would leave no one behind. Once my position, too, was overrun as I tended the injured, and I was beaten to near death. Fortunately someone gave me a healing potion, and I was able to get up and join the retreat. After a long, hard fight, we were able to account for all the injured and fled the area."

"Unfortunately while we were gone, additional golems had attacked the village. The golems claimed Endera’s life that night. More golems had attacked the Guild Halls – the source of the shouting and combat Atrim and I heard on the road. They had held out, but were angry they received no aid from the rest of us. They nearly came to blows with the Phoenix Guild over this issue."

"Given that Florin had committed golems in a two pronged attack and lost additional golems on the trail, we assumed his forces may now be severely depleted. If an entrance to his lair did exist on the trail, now was the time to attack him. We’d wait until daylight, then strike."

"The golems were not our only attackers. Several villagers perished during the night – victims of arrow fire. Unknown lone snipers plagued us for hours."

"And yet there was another, potentially dire, problem to contend with. A cloaked man had hired a pair of villagers to chop away at a particular tree in the woods. Rumor indicated the man wished to die, and planed to achieve this by chopping down the tree. Blood flowed from the trees wounds, and the two villagers found themselves covered in it by the conclusion of their work. The cloaked men paid them in sacks of grain, and they returned to Haven – bathing in the river to remove the blood from their skin and clothes."

"Later Giddion, who had investigated the tree and dipped his fingers into the blood, became violently ill. The blood was diseased. I was able to cure him of the taint, but the process was a long and difficult one. Of course, this also meant the river was now contaminated, and endangered not only us, but all the creatures of the land. Donavan deployed his men at once to quarantine the river."

"Fortunately an elderly man told us his son knew of a potion that could restore the tree. Atrim and Roland set out immediately to find him, in the hopes that curing the tree would also remove the disease from the blood. Indeed, they succeeded in saving the tree, and no word has reached my ears of further blood-induced sickness."

"The next morning we were planning our attack on Florin when a villager ran to us carrying an injured comrade. An arrow had shot from the woods to take her in the leg, and she immediately lost consciousness. I examined her to find a week poison in her blood. I cured it, then proceeded to heal her. The source of the poison proved to be the wood of the arrow, itself – Witchwood. Several of us traveled to where the villager was shot to investigate the area while others examined the arrow."

"Searching the area, I found where the arrow had been fired from. There, tracks made by bare Elven feet traveled from one tree to another. The trees themselves were very solid, though the Elf appeared to have passed straight out of one and into the other."

"When I told others of this, they assumed Dark Elves were the culprits. However, I think Wood Elves are at least as likely suspects, as were Green Fey. Perhaps they are upset about the bleeding tree."

"While in the village, I sought to ask Elder Quexell about Sabastian. He told me he would answer my questions if I first gathered a particular type of mushroom for him. I joined a group of several Phoenix members who had similar questions for the Elder. We set off into the swamp."

"Trolls attacked us not far in. As fire was not available to us, they would always rise minutes after the Phoenix Guild would down them. Two warriors split from the group and made for the mushroom grove while the rest of us held off the Trolls. After several minutes, the two gathers came running back, a sack full of mushrooms in hand and a Troll on their heals. We fled the swamp, and the Trolls gave up pursuit."

"In exchange for the mushrooms, Elder Quexell told us of Sabastion. His motivation for thwarting the prophesy was simply that he believed no being should have the power to reshape the world as it saw fit. He had no idea if this summoned being would be good or evil. This Order of 12 Sabastion belongs to at least doesn’t appear hostile to us."

"As the Elder was talking, we began hearing shouts over the rise. We investigated to find a mob gathered, attacking a man at its core. We quickly pushed our way through the angry villagers to save the man. We knew not if he was guilty of whatever crime the villagers thought he performed, but we were trying to establish fair laws in Haven, and could not allow mob justice to rule."

"The man the villagers had surrounded, we discovered, was Florin himself."

"Questions immediately filled our minds, but we could not ask them here. The villagers were livid and we were forced to struggle back to the Inn. With much difficulty we finally managed to secure him inside. There, Corbin began his information extraction while I ventured back outside in an attempt to quell the mob."

"When I returned, I was informed of the strange situation. THIS Florin was a good man. A healer, of all things. His memories were incomplete and disjointed, but Corbin extracted enough information to determine two Florins existed – one good and one evil. He believed the Florins could see through each others eyes."

"As we gathered together to attack the evil Florin, we chose to take the good Florin with us. We did not want him out of our sight, but as we also could not let him see what we were up to, we blindfolded him. However, just as we were setting off from Haven, more flesh golems attacked."

"These creatures seemed incomplete – a telling sign that Florin’s forces were badly depleted. However they were still numerous, and during the fighting they managed to capture the good Florin."

"We tracked after them, hoping they would indeed lead us to the evil Florin’s lair. On our way, we saw the smoke of many Goblin fires blotting out the sky. They would attack Haven soon, so we had to deal with Florin quickly and return. We fought through several rear-guard elements, eventually arriving at a cave where the evil Florin stood, magical fires dancing in his hands."

"The battle was joined. Our warriors plowed though Florin’s initial defenses quickly enough, but fighting in the caves was very confined, preventing the powerful flesh golems from being flanked. Many fell while trying to break through the golem defenses, though coordinated actions enabled the healers to save all. Finally our warriors made a concentrated and determined assault, finally defeating the flesh golems, but at the cost of many wounded. Again, our healers managed to prevent any deaths. They rescued the good Florin, and discovered the body of the evil Florin. Also, many supplies were recovered for the use of Haven. We returned to town, the enemy apparently defeated. However, some questions remain unanswered:"

"How did Florin’s resurrection generate two versions of him? What exactly was the evil Florin trying to accomplish? If no one actually saw the evil Florin fall, how can we be certain it is the good Florin who now walks among us? I do not mean to cause alarm, but caution would seem advised."

"We reached Haven at dusk and immediately set about preparing defenses against the Goblin hoard. An elaborate trap was planned. The Broken Tusk Clan feigned joining Gnosh’s army to be in position to cause great damage when they turned against him. They would also signal us with their drums as to the direction of the army’s approach, and whether or not Gnosh was with them."

"Meanwhile, the town prepared a massive spike-equipped pit trap. A single safe route was established through it, and the Orcs of the Broken Tusk were informed of its location."

"In the Inn, Eli prepared a powerful fire spell to inflict harm on the entire Goblin army."

"Our forces readied themselves. Areas were established to set up triages for the wounded – both primary and fall-back locations."

"I warned the villagers of the coming battle, and they took what they could to hide in a nearby set of abandoned Dwarven mines."

"Not until long after complete darkness consumed the land were we all ready. Then we stood and waited."

"Eventually the sound of drums filled the silence of the night. It was the Broken Tusks, and their beat indicated the army was approaching from the main road. Gnosh was with them. We arranged our defenses accordingly."

"The army approached. The stomping of feet and the rhythmic clanking of sword against shield drowned out all other sound. From the darkness emerged a line of armored Gavin, then a line of Goblins behind them, then another line, and another. They kept coming."

"The first rank hit the first line of traps. Some fell, but the army was not slowed. More fell as they hit the second trap line, but the army marched on, stepping on the corpses of their comrades – forming bridges of sacrificial flesh and bone. Our warriors surged forth and the battle was joined. Troops on both sides fell like branches during a storm. A constant stream of wounded flowed into our primary triage. Our numbers dwindled while more and more Goblins and Gavin marched across the corpse-filled traps. Our positions were overrun and the healers were forced to fall back to the secondary triage."

"But by then our lines were broken and Gnosh’s forces pressed onward. In little time, even the secondary triage could no longer be protected and we retreated into the Inn. Our situation was beyond desperate, but Eli’s spell was finally ready."

"Unleashed, it sent a devastating ring of fire expanding outward from the Inn. Everyone outside was struck, but Gnosh was ready. He had magically protected his forces, and none were harmed by Eli’s effort. They surrounded the Inn and flooded into it."

"Our healers set their last triage in the back rooms as our warriors fought against the charging Gavin and Goblins. Many fell on both sides, and our healers were soon overwhelmed by a flood of wounded. We were pressed to our limit, using everything at our disposal to keep the fallen alive. But our warriors were worse off. Every one of us that fell meant one less to fight off the foe. It wasn’t long before there were more undergoing treatment then there were defending the Inn. Turning to my deepest strengths and expending my own essence, I unleashed a surge of life energy to return four of our fallen immediately back to battle. The effort was exhausting, but I continued applying slower, more traditional methods to other wounded."

"Soon all invaders within the Inn were defeated, but legions more waited outside. We barred the doors against them. They demanded our surrender, but of course we did not comply. Some of the Broken Tusk were among us, and they explained Gnosh’s forces were too strong for the Orcs to turn against them. Instead they had been engaging our defenders in feigned fighting. More than a few lives were spared as Gnosh’s troops left our warriors to the Orcs."

"The Goblins outside threatened to burn us out, and wandered away to cut down trees – whether to barricade the doors or to use as battering rams, I do not know. While they were briefly away, many of us fled out the back door into the woods. Several Goblins saw us leaving and the hoard swarmed back to the Inn. Several warriors acted as our rearguard, giving the rest of us time to escape by sacrificing their lives. Both Curufin and Brent died for us."

"Gnosh’s hoard spread out to sack Haven and search for survivors. Fortunately they once more depended on the Broken Tusk to carry out some of these tasks, again saving many lives and preventing much destruction. Our surviving warriors carried out hit-and-fade strikes against the invaders, and eventually whittled them down to nothing. Haven was retaken. As we gathered together to count our survivors and losses, Roland offered a resurrection potion to the Phoenix Guild, which was quickly used to return Curufin to us. I must admit – it pains me to see the Circle violated in such a way. However, at least Curufin is still ON the Circle – he has merely performed an unorthodox jump."

"Gnosh, however, had returned to his encampment with a portion of his forces to celebrate his victory over us, apparently not knowing we had retaken the town. We rallied our survivors and set out to attack."

"We came upon an encampment totally unprepared for us. Most of the Goblins and Gavin were drunk on spoils taken from the Inn. They fled, scattering into the woods when they saw us. A wizard who had been aiding Gnosh teleported away. Only Gnosh and a handful of Gavin actually stood and fought, and they were quickly overwhelmed. The hoard was no more."

"I notified the villagers that the battle was over, and they returned to Haven. Now we all must set about repairing the damage done, and once more settle down to our regular tasks and normal lives."

"In the meantime, I have reached a decision about the parasite afflicting some of us. It is an invasive entity, similar to a disease. The host has every right to be rid of it. I will treat any villager who wishes it, destroying the parasite within. However, mine I shall let live – out of both respect for its life and a desire for medical study. I shall only remove it should it become an obvious threat to myself or others."



The parasite within now requires me to nearly double my intake of sustenance. Its rate of growth is alarming, and soon it will have to claim my life. Either it must die, or I, so I have chosen to expel it. I have worked my restorative powers upon it, purging myself of its presence in the manner of a disease. For hours after I meditated on its loss.

I have had a most vivid dream – perhaps even a vision. In my minds eye I saw terrified people desperately trying to escape from a ruined tower, only to be thwarted by the specters of the dead.

Brokehill. Though I had never been there, had never found it, I was certain beyond any doubt that it was what I had just experienced. I am now filled with conviction that I must find it. But how?

I approached the Sage, Lao, for help. I showed the Brokehill Scroll to him and spoke of my dream. I explained my need to find the stricken town. He promised to seek answers within his Lore. With luck, I will learn if the South Road will indeed take me to the ruined tower.

In the evening, a young Undead Slayer named Sikozu, anxious to work her powers against those in defiance of the Circle, sought the Graveyard. A number of adventures accompanied her, either to offer protection or merely in the search of excitement. Admittedly, I, too, have long yearned to strike at the Graveyard – a super-active source of undead entities. We traveled in small groups, hoping to lure the dangers of the night into the open by appearing as though our numbers were smaller than they truly were.

The trailing group consisted of Sikozu, Varys, and a merchant named Dusk. However, Dusk was not as he appeared. Through either sorcery or clandestine skills, he rendered Sikozu unconscious and caused Piligin to flee in terror. When their absence was noted, the rest of us began a search for them.

Varys eventually returned to us, and described what he saw. He led us to the site of Dusk’s ambush. Sikozu was gone. We attempted to track Dusk, but his trail ended abruptly, as if he and Sikozu had simply vanished.

Considering the ease to which Dusk overpowered his companions, his targeting of an Undead Slayer, and his subsequent disappearance led us to suspect him of being a vampire – one that could walk under the sun and disguise his undead nature from healers and slayers alike. A vampire on par with the Master.

With this suspicion in mind, we continued on to the graveyard in the hopes of rescuing Sikozu. There we encountered a powerful pair of undead trolls, each requiring several blasts of my most powerful essence strike to destroy. Shortly after the fight we found Sikozu lying unconscious but unharmed on the ground, with but a single superficial wound to the scalp.

We could not believe she survived the encounter with Dusk unchanged. However, a Banish strike had no effect on her, and Corbin could find no sign of an implanted suggestion. She did indeed appear none the worse for her abduction. We returned to Haven.

Once again, we found the town besieged by snipers firing Witchwood arrows. Lao found a sniper hidden in the tree by the Inn. When discovered, it bolted for the forest, a dark blur moving as fast as the arrows it fired. Lao walked to the forest edge and attempted to communicate with our attackers, with the only response being three Witchwood arrows fired at the ground before his feet. Clearly, these malevolent entities did not want us entering the woods.

Lao consulted his lore to discover the nature of these beings, and found they were an ancient elven race closely bound to nature. As such creatures were unlikely to expand their territory, Lao theorized their sudden presence here indicated they sought something. But so far we know not what their objective might be.

A villager approached the Inn, followed closely by a golem. He had found it sitting idle under a tree near his field, and when he spoke to it, it came to life. Now it would not leave his side. Worse, it struck at any that stepped too close to the villager. Several tried to destroy it, but could damage it little. The golem itself was a powerful warrior; quickly dissuading any further attempts to harm it.

Another villager staggered into town with arrows in his back. After being healed, he told of Dark Elves ambushing him and his wife on the road. They had taken his wife captive. A number of adventurers set out in the hopes of rescuing her.

We had not traveled far when a pair of ghosts attacked. With concentrated Life energies, the deviant things were banished, but then we heard shouts from the village. Fearing the Dark Elves had lured us away to attack Haven, I bade the adventurers to quickly return, only to find the battle had been against the golem. The Phoenix Guild and several others set out once more to retrieve the captured woman from the Dark Elves. They later returned in victory, having recovered the woman and slaying all but one Dark Elf - who retreated through a magic portal.

On the following day we received an ambassador from Woodhold. He said his King wanted to reclaim a keep currently occupied by Beastmen, and sought the help of the adventurers of Haven. He required a mage and some escorts to travel to the Keep and set up a ‘Receiving Circle’. On of the Kings own mages would create a Sending Circle in Haven to teleport his army to us. The party at the Keep would be in great danger while the circles were being established, as the Beastmen’s shaman might well detect its presence and sent out forces to thwart us.

Atrum and Lao came up with a plan to infiltrate the Keep and assassinate the Shaman. They, along with Ryshon and Gideon, would disguise themselves as beastmen and infiltrate the Keep. Ug volunteered to be our mage and cast the circle. As there was sure to be a great deal of fighting and wounded, I decided to go, as did Corbyn. Sethreal, Kels, and another also volunteered. Gideon was informed of the way, and together we set out for the Keep.

Before long we found ourselves challenged by a small group of lizardmen. They laid claim to the lands before us and would not grant passage through. I attempted to negotiate with them as their archers began sending occasional arrows at us, but the others of the party had had enough and charged their position. The lizard folk were defeated with minimal effort, and I set about saving those I could, and managed to heal all but two.

Taking one of the revived lizardmen prisoner, Atrum hoped he could be led to their chief and negotiate passage through their lands. Along the way we encountered several other small groups, and had to fight them, though I was able to prevent any more deaths. Eventually Atrum was taken before the chief and did manage to secure us safe passage. We traveled through and left the lizard realm behind us.

As we journeyed on, we found a group of beastmen chopping up the corpse of an Ent. We attacked and downed them all. I was able to save but one of them, whom was awakened and questioned. He told us his tribe traded Ent wood with the Keep, and that we had to pass through a haunted forest to reach it. As we couldn’t let the beastman go, lest he warn his compatriots, and we couldn’t just leave him tied, lest he die, I carried him with us.

Soon we came across the Dark Forest. Venturing into the twilight, we found a tree from which numerous skeletons were hung. With caution in mind, I summoned Life energies into my hand and cast it at one of the Skeletons. It crumbled as its Undead state was destroyed.

The other skeletons immediately surged forward to attack. More emerged from a cave beneath the dark tree. I banished all I could while the others of the party engaged them in battle. One of my spells hit the tree, itself, and it suffered for it. Noticing its aversion to Life, I hit it again and again with Essence energies. Soon it toppled, destroyed. No further skeletons emerged from it.

But further into the woods we encountered a more dread foe. Nearly a dozen eight-foot-tall skeletons engaged us in battle. I immediately charged a Banish Spell and hurled it at one approaching me. It weakened under its influence but maintained its existence, continuing to close. I had no time to properly gather a second attack, so I drew upon my own essence, instead – allowing me to blast it with an immediate follow-up spell. The monster crumbed to dust.

The effort nearly undid my own existence, but I could not pause to recover, as other Skeletons were upon us. Instead I focused my Life into my mace, Repelling the Undead things with every hit. Another foe dropped, then a third, and I was able to summon up another Banish to destroy a forth. By then no more foes remained, and we were able to find our way out of the Dark Wood.

The rest of the journey to the Keep was uneventful, and we soon found a secluded spot for Ug to set up the Receiving Circle. Lao, Atrum, Gideon, and Ryshon, disguised as beastmen, continued on to the Keep to face the Shaman while the rest of us waited.

A mere ten minutes later, they returned successful. Ug began creating the circle. But before long a group of beastmen, seeking their Shaman’s assassins, came upon us. Fortunately Atrum was able to convince them we were but simple traders, and the beastmen departed. Eventually the circle was completed, and the rest of Haven’s adventurers arrived to wage war on the Keep.

We approached enmass. The beastmen lined the Keeps walls, ready for us, and responded to our approach with hails of arrows, stones, and spells. Several adventurers charged the wall and hunkered down before the main doors. They seemed very vulnerable, and I figured casualties would be inevitable, so I, too, charged the wall, hoping to be in position to carry the wounded out of there.

I ran with my shield before me. First a rock bounced off it, then a spell shattered it, but by then I was at the wall. Fortunately the Keep design seemed to prevent them from attacking us so long as we remained flush with the wall. Still, there was little we could do from here. Eventually Ollumm began battering at the door, and I put my mace to work with him. After a time, our blows became telling, and the doors collapsed.

The other adventurers immediately surged through. Amid the shouts and clash of steel on steel I heard my name being called. I looked behind me to discover that while we had worked against the Keep doors, casualties had been mounting in the field. The medics there were currently overwhelmed, and so I ran back out to render aid to the fallen.

Throughout the battle I worked on no fewer than two injured at a time – stabilizing one with the Healers Clamp while performing delicate surgery on another. A steady stream of wounded flowed to us from the Keep, the injured carrying the dying.

Then, with a shout and a roar, the beastmen went on the offensive. A hoard of their warriors broke through our lines and fell immediately on the Healer’s triage. I brought my mace up in time to ward off a heavy club swung towards me, but the attack had disrupted the flow of healing energies, and within that half-second loss of control, the stricken man’s essence dissipated into the ether.

But with a supreme effort of will, I called a trace of it back. Focusing upon that single spark of life, I nurtured it, allowed it to grow. Healing potions did the work magic could not, and together mysticism and alchemy repaired the worst of the damage and stabilized the mans condition. I turned him over to another healer and looked about for the next dying patient.

And saw another surge of beastmen approaching. No adventurer stood before the healers, the wounded and the attackers. People were going to die. I looked down at the four wounded closest to the beastmen and raised my hands toward them. Instead of nurturing their essence – coaxing the injured to heal themselves, I poured my own Life energy into them. The effort was as draining as the rapid-fire Banish attack I invoked in the Dark Wood, but it brought the four warriors to their feet immediately – forming an instant line between the beastmen and the rest of the wounded. The immediate danger at least temporarily averted, I returned to my surgical work.

Eventually the battle degenerated into a stalemate. The Beastmen could not afford to launch another attack, and our own forces were too beaten and demoralized to take the battle into the Keep. The beastmen on the walls continued to send their arrows and spells at us, occasionally dropping another adventurer. The healers were still pressed to the limit with spells and stones falling all around us.

We were losing.

Then, from out of nowhere, Donovan emerged from the side of the Keep and hurled himself through the shattered doors, falling upon the beastmen with unbridled ferocity. With a rallying cry the remaining Phoenix warriors surged in after him, followed by every combat adventurer who yet remained standing. The sounds of battle echoed from the walls for several minutes, then gradually died down to nothing.

All was quiet, and those of us outside waited with dread awe to learn which side had emerged victorious. Then one, followed by another, then yet more adventurers emerged from the smoke filled breach. The battle was over, and we had won.

We remained at the Keep for another half-hour as the last of the wounded were tended and the Keep was explored. Miraculously, not one adventurer had died during the battle, though I arrived in the Keep too late to save any of the fallen beastmen.

The Woodhold ambassador thanked us for our efforts, and rewarded each adventurer who had traveled here with Ug with a ring of protection. During his speech, the ambassador indicated the King of Woodhold all ready considered Haven part of his domain. While I believe being a part of a greater Kingdom would be a boon for Haven, and I have heard naught but good about Woodhold, the arrogance of this assumption by the King does not bode well. With the formalities concluded, I released the bound beastman I had carried here, and we traveled through a Sending Circle to return to Haven.

We hoped to settle down to rest, but that was not to be. A small force of Dark Elves infiltrated Haven disguised as villagers, and attempted to capture Nyk. Their efforts were thwarted, but snipers besieged us for much of the night as the Dark Elves attempted to kill the prisoners we had taken. By dawn, no Dark Elf prisoners remained.

But while nothing more threatened us from the outside, internal forces worked to tear Haven apart. Arthos asked me to attend a meeting in the Guildhall. I figured the Guilds of Light and Hope were to discuss some internal issues, but, when I entered the Hall, I saw adventurers from nearly every organization present.

Talk began on destroying or driving away the Broken Tusk Clan.

The Guilds of Hope and Light, along with the Order of the Phoenix and Robin’s band, had joined together to form the House of the Crescent Moon. Led by Donovan, the House would present the Orcs with an ultimatum – Leave or Die.

The reasons given for this development included the Broken Tusks unwillingness to accept Laws drawn up for Haven, fear they would attack the other adventurers of Haven, and belief the Orcs cared about nothing outside of themselves.

These fears and doubts were alarming and wrong. The Orcs have defended Haven against attack time and again. They have saved the lives of nearly everyone present in the meeting. They had proven, to me at least, they were an honorable people who would never resort to underhanded attacks. They would kill no one outside their clan unless someone tried to kill them. They were willing to talk things out.

After relaying such statements at the meeting and begging for a more peaceable solution, Arthos agreed to try negotiations one last time, and left for the Inn to talk with Donovan and Robin.

Gideon and I went immediately to the Orcs to warn them of the situation – to give them time to prepare for the negotiations as the other groups were preparing.

Then Roland approached. He claimed the Crescent Moon was not looking toward peace, but preparing for war. The three of us and the Orcs abandoned Haven to hide in the Woods.

House search parties arrived and began combing the woods for us, but Roland parlayed with them and drove them off. Grok asked the Orc Chieftain, Esa for permission to go to the Inn and try to work out a peace. Esa agreed, and Roland, Gideon, and I escorted Grok back to Haven.

For the next hour or so, Grok pleaded for peace with the Crescent Moon. Fortunately Donovan, Arthos, and Robin were willing to listen. Esa eventually arrived, and negotiations concerning the laws recommenced, but no progress was made. For now, though, the Crescent Moon has promised to take no action against the Broken Tusk.

Despite this inner turmoil, I must leave Haven for awhile. Brokehill calls to me, and I must answer. Lao had discovered that it should indeed lie along the South Road, though is several days away. I will request assistance from the other adventurers, then the volunteers and I shall set out upon the South Road by afternoon. The trip will be long and dangerous, and I cannot foretell if any that travel on this Quest will ever return. Who knows what secrets Brokehill holds? I intend to find out.

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