[Written]The Kiss of the Valkyn'Vi

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[Written]The Kiss of the Valkyn'Vi

Post  TCOLE on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:11 am

The Kiss of the Valkyn'Vi

It has been noted over the centuries that the Valkyn'Vi people, seem to be able to knock people unconscious. This ability is present nearly from birth. I had the opportunity to study it's use with Za'Rien clan, and witness it's development.

The Valkyn'Vi, were bred by other worldly forces to assist in the control and taming the weather. How then does it fit, that they should gain the ability to render someone useless for nearing on five whole minutes with but a touch?

The Valkyn'Vi has discovered that energy flows through the body like lightning. This energy flows to and from groups of key points. These points are called Cha'Kai'Ra or “Lightning's Path�?. The Valkyn'vi group these points into Major points and minor points. There are seven major points on the body that energy flows to. The Head, the Heart, The Feet, The Groin,The Base of the spine, The Hands, and the Stomach. There are 72 minor points along the body that connect those seven points together in a network of energy. Energy flows from the heart and head, to the feet.

Now, the Valkyn'Vi have mastered the use and direction of these points. They have developed the Kai'San'Alla'Anna. Also called “Disrupting the Storm.�? By touching any of the points of the body, major or minor, they can render a humanoid unconscious for about five minutes.

This ability is not without it's limits. A little armor covering any two major points prevents the ability from working for the average Valkyn'Vi. Also, if a creature has no discernible anatomy, then the ability may very well fail. Finally it takes a moment to identify the locations of the opponent's points before touching can take place.

Some Valkyn'vi use this ability to make themselves effective healers. Injured people may be anesthetized with a minimum of fuss and prevented from feeling pain. Some Valkyn'Vi, the Cha'Kai'Ren “Lightning warriors�? Master the art of disrupting the storm and use it as their main attack. These warriors can often call upon the points even when their opponent is heavily armored. All Valkyn'vi learn to attack the vital area's on their opponents, exposing the points in order to strike. As such Valkyn'vi prefer to take their opponents prisoner so that more can be learned.

Valkyn'Vi seductresses often use the Kai'San'Alla'Anna in the form of a kiss. It is in this form that it can be most lethal. Valkyn'Vi women, known for their alien beauty, often can use on the most unsuspecting foe. And indeed this is what the Kai'San'Alla'Anna has become famous for. The lips are an easy to access point on a major Cha'Kai'Ra.

Needless to say, one should never under estimate a Valkyn'Vi even when they have been captured. They always have their ability no matter how stripped of weapons they might be. It is yet another tool that lets this enigmatic race ride the storm.


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