[written] Good and evil for the an'irri

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[written] Good and evil for the an'irri

Post  TCOLE on Tue Mar 01, 2011 10:07 am

Understanding Good and Evil among the painted folk.
The concept of Good and Evil does not really exist among the An’Irri. Indeed the fact that they can see the future and manipulate it removes them from the context of Good and Evil. They innately understand that the base concept is flawed because it only considers things from the perspective of the one and the while or the clan. All people think they are good and those against them are evil.
However there are two factions of thought among the An’Irri that act in many ways like good and evil. Those who believe that they must ensure the fate they have seen comes true and those who believe that the An’Irri are given visions so they can change destiny. The truth of the matter is somewhere in the middle and only the Great Oracles have the depth of vision to see the difference and guide their people.
The An’irri always act to ensure the well being of the whole and have very long lives when compared to the other races. As such their definition of wellbeing can stretch into decades and centuries not just years.


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