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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

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Light footed, light-fingered, and quick-witted, the Guthrie are a happy people. They travel Phanterra in caravans of their own kind, commonly helping others in need and inquiring into all manners of business in which they do not belong. Often they are found slightly annoying in their eagerness to help and learn, but they are storehouses of knowledge about the happenings of the world, as their travels take them far beyond the reach of most of the other races. Guthries are fearless, but whether this is because of their inquisitive nature, because they have seen it all, or because they have heard stories of much worse than anything they could possibly be facing at the time is still open to debate. As a people the Guthrie are fond of song and story, going to great lengths to memorize new tales and pass them on so that they won’t be lost. They are also skilled merchants and barterers, tending to know exactly how far they can push their customer. They are amazingly empathetic to the plight of others. They have wandered homeless for millenniums, and are quite willing to help those in need. They defend their caravans well and are often skilled with ranged weapons such as knives or bows, and if there is any one insult they will not stand for it is being cooped up or captivated. Some say the only thing that ever truly scares a Guthrie is servitude.
~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 14-15
Guthries, both male and female, have natural skin tones, large sideburns that come far down their cheeks, and big, bushy eyebrows. They also tend to wear vests, often with a large number of pockets in which they can store useful wares for later distribution, and they are very colorful dressers, as they are often seen in bright silks, much like the dress of the traditional gypsies of the real world.
~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 15

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