[Suggested] Criminal Organization

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[Suggested] Criminal Organization

Post  E. Stark on Wed Feb 23, 2011 1:26 am

The streets are a difficult place for anyone to live, let alone the countless orphans that seem to exist in any large city. Left alone these children have very little chance of survival unless they happen to be a Sundowner.

The Sundowners are, at best, an organized mob of street urchins, living by guile, quickness and sheer numbers. Taking their name from the time of day when they are least noticed, as the sun sets, the Sundowners are adept at picking pockets, shoplifting and conning naive travelers out of their hard earned coin. No one knows how many Sundowners there are and nobody knows were to find them, but odds are that everyone has been tricked by these “poor little kids”.

Once a Sundowner become too old, usually around fifteen, the others don’t accept him, but by then a Sundowner has acquired enough skills to succeed, or fail, on his own. Officials termed the Sundowners as vermin and allow anyone to deal with them as they would any other pest or rodent.

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