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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

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The Ga’Vin are a people made for trials. They endure where others fail, flourish where others merely endure. They are hunters, warriors, and conquerors. In their youth they brave the trial of fire, burning their own skin to a scarred mass of flesh, deadened to pain, but quick to heal. Ga’Vin do not like cities, and are most at home in small communities of their own kind deep within the wilderness. They rarely build much in the way of homes or supplies, as they feel they must challenge nature with their stoicism. They are not a people of learning, but a people of doing, and are quick to anger and quick to action. The Ga’Vin commonly keep trophy bones of their enemies, judging status among themselves by the trophies collected. Though the Ga’Vin are not social like Humans or Guthries, this is not to say they are not intelligent. One of the Ga’vin’s most useful tools is their knowledge and cunning. They learn rapidly from their mistakes and generally attack with overwhelming force when moved to strike an opponent. In the past they have proven to be treacherous to allies as well as enemies, as the Ga’Vin are quick to capitalize on any opportunity to extend their own power and territory. Dwarves and Elves have a longstanding hatred of the Ga’Vin, which neither will talk about openly. That they do not kill the Ga’Vin on sight is due largely to the fact that Ga’Vin stay out of their sight. The Ga’Vin commonly trade for services such as crafted items, and often will form war bands with Orcs who the Ga’Vin find easy to manipulate with drink and fiery speech.
~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 14
Ga’Vin are required to paint their faces gray to represent the charring of the ritual of fire. Optionally, players may wish to make themselves appear scarred and don slightly pointed ears.
~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 14

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