The Walk of the Ten

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The Walk of the Ten

Post  Christen M. on Tue Feb 15, 2011 6:35 pm

*** (this is the poetic account of the group of brave Haven folk who dared the blistering sun... and were named heroes eternal as composed and written by Captain Valora Robin Steel at the request of Corbin Gravesbane.) ***

The Walk of the Ten


Evermore shall the harpers sing,
Of Ten who answered the call of King.
Who braved the dark and deadly way,
Banished foe and dread by golden day.
With Haven’s might and mighty cause,
They delivered hope from wicked jaws.
But long the walk the Ten true made,
To bring the Keep the needed aid.
So heed ye to their mighty tale,
Of how over dread did they prevail!


The sun was shining in the sky,
And Golden danced the afternoon,
When came to Haven an Emissary High,
Seeking help for King and delivered Doom.
For mages and warriors was the call,
To deliver the Keep from beastly hands.
Asked of the brave to sign danger’s fall,
And bring peace again to Roderick’s lands.
Stood fourth the Ten the walk to make.
This heroic deed they would undertake.


To set the circle Ug came fourth,
Corbyn and Dallid came next to heal.
Stealthy Atrum and Curufin made oath,
To fight came Kels, Gideon and Sethreal.
Came Lao as well, and the brave Ryshon,
All Ten in honor to the long walk pledged.
Plans were lain so the group moved on,
And never once their courage hedged.
Went fourth the Ten the walk to make,
From Beastman hands the Keep to take.


Into the emerald and darken wood
The brave ten went without pause.
The made their way as best they could,
Steadfast in their heroic cause.
At last came they upon lizard folk,
Claiming those paths for their own.
Arrows of threat of danger spoke,
Reason to them seemed unknown.
Joined in battle the Ten proved strong,
Swift victory ere they moved on.


Kept they a captive the way to make,
In hopes the Lizard chief would reason see.
Many lives along the way did they take,
The way was cleared ‘neath the emerald trees.
Continued the Ten along their path,
For in their quest would they not be denied.
Came they upon beastmen to their wrath,
Chopping up a Treent it was espied.
The Ten slew then their beastly foe,
And on their way the Ten did go.


Learned they of the darkened path,
Through forest shadow haunted.
With all the strength that heroes hath,
The journeyed into darkness undaunted.
Into shadow walked they thence,
Knowing not what nightmare waited.
Ghostly howlings did commence,
And a sight of beauty desicrated.
The Ten through death and darkness walked.
And never once their great strength balked.


A deadly tree of horror loomed
The bones of men from its branches draped.
Seemingly they from death exhumed,
The purity of nature raped.
From dark roots more skeletons did they see,
They fought them all from first to last.
Stood fourth Dallid to destroy the tree,
And into dust did its shadow pass.
Destroyed the Ten the darken Oak,
For of their nobility their courage spoke.


Greater still the darkness ahead,
Giant skeletons towered eight feet tall.
Captains these of shadow and dread,
But the Ten soon felled them all.
Despite all shadow and all doubt,
They finally escaped the darken wood.
Their mission still they carried out,
The Ten, these heroes for all of good.
They stood strong and to the last stretch came.
As the sun began to set in crimson flame.


The party into two groups broke,
And to the Keep some then went.
Ug the words of magic spoke,
All there knew what that spell meant.
The others to the Keep went fourth,
The Shaman there to beguile.
Returned they from out the North,
After just the shortest while.
The Ten were ready for any foe,
In their eyes their greatness shone.


Came from the Keep in anger and rage,
Beastmen the Shaman’s assassins to find.
But clever a battle of words was waged,
The beastmen left and never paid them mind.
Great the magic circle was complete,
And the rest of Haven come thence,
En mass they marched and never dreamed defeat,
Despite the enemy numbers and defense.
By the grace and strength of the Ten,
The Keep would Haven take again.


The Battle was met before the Doors
Fierce the fight and strong the sword.
Arrow flew and spells and more,
Stalemate could not break the ward.
Fell many on both the sides,
And dark soon seemed the hour.
But charged the brave and went inside,
And took the Keep with righteous power.
The day was won with virtue’s blade,
The Keep was won, their blood was paid.


So now the harpers shall ever sing,
Of Ten who answered the call of King.
They braved the dark and deadly way,
And Banished foe and dread by golden day.
With Haven’s might and mighty cause,
They delivered hope from wicked jaws.
But long the walk the Ten true made,
To bring the Keep the needed aid.
So call their names and sing their praise,
And n’re forget unto the end of days!
Christen M.

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