[Verbal/Suggested] Fae: Fairies and Pixies

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[Verbal/Suggested] Fae: Fairies and Pixies

Post  Robin Hercher on Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:33 am

Re-Introduced: Early-Middle 2009
NPC Creator: Robin

While Pixies and Fairies come ultimately from the same stock, they’re not the same. Pixies are, no matter what, mischievous and annoying, while Fairies in general are like nobility.

One of their main differences, however, is in their magic. Pixies have less magical abilities than Fairies, and cannot take on a Human or other race seeming. Fairies, with enough time and planning, can take on a flawless seeming of any race. But a quick and dirty seeming, that leaves their inner magic-lines showing on the seeming’s skin, is possible for them.

Other differences include that Pixies can be healed back to life from death, while Fairies cannot. Another is their life span - Pixies are short lived, while Fairies have long life spans. Exact life expectancies are currently unknown to outsiders.

Fairies, like Dark Elves, are a maternal race, with women mostly in positions of power. Unlike the Dark Elves, however, they generally don’t treat anyone as inferior, unless its a matter of class.

Fairy rings (i.e. concentric mushroom rings) grow on the ground a dead Fairy lays on, due to their essence becoming one with the land once more. Should a Fairy ring grow to full bloom, a random dimensional rift occurs. The technique to close and kill a Fairy ring is only known by Fairies. All attempts by magic users to emulate the technique in the past have failed - so far.

The Caldonia Situation
Caldonia has never liked magic, and has managed to exterminate the majority of Pixies during their last magic cleansing, as well as an entire generation of the Fairies that live in the area.

Caldonia currently has a giant clan of black-winged pixies living in seclusion. This is due to drastic rebounds in the population due to their council’s isolationist policies since the cleansing.

The Fairy population, unfortunately due to their longer life span, has not recovered and are experiencing a generation gap between the Elders and their Young ones. The Young ones don’t remember the cleansing well, and see no point to the isolationist policy of the Elders. Believing them to be Old Coots, they’ve been emulating the Pixies in behavior. The Elders have little control over them outside their watchful eye, but are slowly debating the risk vs. rewards of renewing interactions with the other races in the area.

Due to an incident in the Temporary Inn, any future aid given to the people of Haven by the Caldonian Fairies will not be applicable to Robert the Flower and ? (I don’t remember his name, but the slim green Orc warrior).

The Haven Situation
Are there Fae in the area? Some say yes and have fantastical stories, and others think those people are crazy. Really - little winged humanoids that can pass for human? What's next, a Vampire Lord?

Robin Hercher

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Re: [Verbal/Suggested] Fae: Fairies and Pixies

Post  TCOLE on Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:22 am

The Glammored are weaker versions of Fae that exist in the areas near the old city of winterhaven.


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