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[Written] Final Haven Core Book

Post  Jared T on Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:19 pm

The Elven people have always been a proud and noble race, and one that was not easily tolerated by the other inhabitants of Phanterra. Considered snobbish, they have kept themselves aloof and rarely interfered with the happenings of the world beyond the borders of their hidden lands. The elves have always been a well-educated people, and even the poor among them have tended to live well by the standards of others. In recent years, they have withdrawn further from the world and strongly discourage dealings with non-Elven outsiders. They will occasionally welcome Gnomes and Guthries into their communities, as these people share the Elven love for knowledge, but the Gnomes and Guthries generally tire of their company and move on again, wearied by the intrigues of Elfish ways. With their long lives, the Elven people commonly amuse themselves with little power struggles of station and status, maneuvering socially. This has diminished somewhat as the large kingdoms are gone, but even in small groups elves tend to jockey for superiority, though largely without violence.
~Final Haven Core Book, pp. 13
...commonly Elves dress in loose and flowing garments, whether they are robes, shirts, or breeches. It is a matter of honor for elves to not hide their ears.
~Excerpt from the Final Haven Core Book, pp. 14

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